184 – Day 10: Gabriel F., Teacher

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“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)

As I begin my first year of teaching, I feel that every step I take I am “walking on new ground.” The shared excitement and energy of staff and students throughout Tomahawk School allow me to have faith that this will be an unforgettable year. Tomahawk School believes in a commitment to learning, community and citizenship. Faith in community involves a belief in the reliability and fortitude of others. I have come to see faith lived out in my daily reality of Tomahawk in the diligence and determination of my colleagues.

It is humbling to think that I can be experiencing similar feelings as a middle years student. When I think about the challenges and pressures of being a youth today I often think to myself that these “beginning steps” that students go through in school have a lasting impression in their life! I am passionate about sport and its ability to teach many life lessons for students and people of all ages. As I begin to coach volleyball this year I realize that taking the “first step” for some students is very difficult to overcome. However in less than a month students have shown me that remarkable results can happen once we take the “first step.”

I am excited with starting new beginnings because so much learning takes place. I have learned something every hour this first month of teaching. The power and knowledge that is gained from overcoming the “first steps” will help me to propel my career.

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  1. Leah Andrews at |

    Hi Gabriel, I agree, those first steps can be daunting and once completed so rewarding. For a few years now I have contemplated starting my own blog but have been nervous about it too. I took my “first step” blogging last week when I wrote my first blog post for this 184 Days of Learning Project. Now I am looking forward to launching my own blog!

  2. Kelly D. Wilkins at |

    Gabriel, thank you for the gifts that you are sharing with your students and with the Tomahawk School community. You are demonstrating reflective practice and courage in the “first steps” that you are taking as a teacher. Parkland School Division is fortunate to have you on the team! May you never lose the faith that you are experiencing and may you always see yourself as a learner. Have fun!!!!

  3. Gabriel Ferzli at |

    Thank-you both for the words of encourgement!

  4. Emilie Keane at |

    Our work as teachers is one of the most critical human endeavors there is because it impacts the most vulnerable of people on earth – our youth. Those relationships that you will develop with your students through coaching will provide you with insights about who the whole child is and will enable you to reach that child in special and meaningful ways that will positively impact student learning. And thus is the soul of teaching.


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