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  1. Kathy at |

    WOW, Noah! I am quite impressed with your history project! We have a lot to learn from studying history.

    Like you, I do not like the dictator form of government. We can see from history that it is not a fair way to run a country. It isn’t a fair way to manage anything – a school, a family, a friendship.

    I look forward to learning more about your project! Keep blogging about it! You have a lot to contribute to the world!

    Kathy Perret
    Instructional Coach
    Sioux City, Iowa

  2. Barb Mathieson at |

    I’ve very impressed with your post. I’m wondering what type of leader people will say you were when they sit in the year 3011 and look back on your life.

  3. Kathleen Burgess (kmb211) at |

    Hi Noah,

    Enjoyed reading your post keep up the great writing. History is so interesting. Today, we see history as it is made and participate through Internet web site such as Twitter. Remember you and your classmates are making history.

    Mrs. Burgess

  4. Tara Benwell at |

    It’s amazing what you can do in Grade 3! I enjoyed learning about the first set of laws. I’d love to know more. You sparked my interest! Keep blogging…

  5. Connie Kurtenbach at |

    Great comment and photos. I thought: you must be about Grade 6!!

    Keep up the good work. Learning can be so much fun!!

  6. Coleen Fillion at |

    Hi Noah,

    I can really tell how much you like history! I love your idea of making a giant timeline for your wall. I can tell from your writing that you have spent a lot of time studying Mesopotamia and that you have learned a lot. You are a very good writer for being so young! Keep up the good work!

    Ms Fillion : )
    WJ Mouat Secondary
    Abbotsford, BC

  7. JBanas at |

    I wonder if those dictators could have been so nasty if the people would have risen up and refused to let them do that to them? What do you think? Why do you think they didn’t?
    Thanks for a great post Noah.

  8. Grandma Edna at |

    Noah dear this is very good writting, I am proud of your work. History is so fascinating. I hope you put Alexander the Great on your time chart as he conquered most of the world at that time.
    I hope you do well in your studies this year.

  9. Noah at |

    if the people did rise up, Jen, the dictators would kill them 🙁

    something I want to do in the future is stop pollution.I want to live a healthy life!!!

    the most interesting thing is learning about Hammurabi’s code because you get to think if it’s fair or not.so what do you think ?

  10. JBanas at |

    I think we are really blessed to live in a country where we can freely say what we feel about something, and not have to worry about being killed or oppressed.
    How are you going to stop pollution?
    Thanks for the GREAT discussion!

  11. D Rutland at |

    You always take on interesting topics Noah. It is no wonder you are such a great critical thinker, as you are able to rely on your background knowledge when making a judgement.


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