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  1. Sandra McGonagle at |

    I love your “make your mark” encouragement. I haven’t read “The Dot” yet, so I will be sure to do so soon. Isn’t it amazing how much writing, in any form, can touch our hearts?

  2. wmchamberlain at |

    Maddisyn, thank you for sharing what you are doing in class. I love how you reflected on your learning after listening to Peter Reynolds. You matter 🙂

  3. Peter H. Reynolds at |

    Maddisyn – Thanks for sharing your beautiful art! I enjoyed reading your thoughts about The Dot- and the connection between art and writing – and making your mark matter! Keep the creativity flowing! Peter H. Reynolds

  4. lgraham at |

    WOW ! Maddisyn, You really are making your mark at Millgrove. I really like how you encourage us all to be brave and not be afraid to make that first step and see where it goes….

  5. Mrs. Ferguson at |

    Hi Maddisyn,
    What an amazing message to send out! I agree with you when you say that once you read “The Dot” you will think a little differently. Perhaps a little more openly? I hope everyone who reads your post will think about how they can make their mark this year. It’s never too late!

  6. Mrs. Verhey at |

    You have inspired me to read this story to my son. He was ‘down in the dumps’ the other day because he didn’t do well on his spelling pre-test. I will let you know if ‘The Dot”s message rings loud and clear for him. Stay tuned…

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  8. kholden at |

    You are so right, Maddisyn – there are many ways to make your mark. I love that you realize that a wonderful book has the power to make us see the world a little differently after reading it. The Dot was a great way to begin our year together, and I can’t wait to see all the different ways that you and your classmates will leave your mark at Millgrove!

  9. JennaWilkins at |

    Maddisyn, I was so excited to see you blogging about The Dot! I love that book so much. I am actually planning to read it to my Grade 7 class at GCMS. I have even given the book to one of my teacher friends as a birthday gift! I love the message about “making your mark” and I think that you are so right when you say that everyone does matter. You have demonstrated such leadership writing about this topic and I am going to use your blog post to start a conversation about The Dot in my class!

  10. Tim Monds at |

    Maddisyn, what a great blog. I tweeted out your blog and spoke about you making your mark yesterday. Today look at the great response! Thanks for sharing, everyone does matter! Have a great year.

  11. kdavies at |

    Hi Maddisyn!
    I really enjoyed reading your post! I feel so inspired by your words and ideas. “The Dot” is just one of those books that really touches people and makes them see the world a little differently and I would say your post has done the same. Thanks!

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  13. Julie McIvor at |

    Hi Maddisyn,
    Wow! You have had so many comments from others and I knew I had to add one as well! It is wonderful that you have learned so early in life that you really do matter. Thank you for telling others that they each matter too!
    It is so important for every person in our world to realize that they have each been created to be so unique and so very special.
    Please continue to tell others how much they matter…knowing this and sharing this can change many lives for the better.
    I have not read “The Dot” but would love to find it soon.
    God bless you and have a great year at school!

    Julie McIvor – substitute teacher with PSD70.

  14. Diane Lander at |

    I find it so interesting that a small dot can mean so much. In electronic communication, the Morse Code used 100 years ago in telegraph communication relied on dots and dashes, just as today, dots are important in email and website addresses. From space, each of us may look like a dot on the planet, but just as dots are essential in electronic communication, each human dot is an essential contributor to our planet.
    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to think about dots, Maddisyn …

  15. Bekah Mason at |


    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and creativity in both word and picture! This is a lesson that can’t be learned too early and can’t be repeated too much. Your post is a reminder that we all need to be reminded of the difference we each make in the world.

    I just ordered the book and plan to have reading time with my 9th grade classes next week. High school students definitely need to take the time to be creative.

  16. bscatterty at |

    Well Madissyn, you have inspired me to read this book – you remind me that we adults have so much to learn from our youth, and that keeps us humble 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

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