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  1. Kelli Holden at |

    Emma and Laurence, I know that you will never forget the first time you played with snow, and I know that I will never forget sharing that experience with you! The whole class has been eagerly waiting for snow this year, and to see your reactions.
    After living with snow all our lives, we tend to see the down side of snow – it’s cold, we have to shovel, the roads are icy…. Thank you for giving us fresh eyes to view something magical that is a very special part of being Canadian. Welcome to Alberta!

  2. Lindsay Graham at |

    Brrrrrr…! Emma and Laurence ,
    It was a lot of fun going outside in the snow with you. I enjoyed the energy you both had when you made your first snowball and the faces you made while catching snowflakes on your tongue . I always get excited about the first snowfall but this year you made it exceptionally special- thank you ! I’m curious , what would your friends in Africa and the Philipines say if they saw this picture of you in the snow ?

  3. Your Grassland friends at |

    Wow, great stories Emma and Laurence! My favorite thing to do in the snow is make snow forts. Sometimes I will make igloos if there is a big pile of snow. You have to be careful playing in deep snow because it might collapse and bury you. You can also make snowmen and decorate them with sticks, carrots, buttons, rocks and even toques and scarves! Believe us, when it gets into December it will be waaaay colder! Then you get to come inside and drink steaming hot chocolate. It’s lots of fun at home when you have snowball fights. One time I threw a giant snowball at my friend. It knocked him over! We don’t remember the first time we saw snow, because we were just little. Your friends in the Grassland group.

  4. Sam at |

    Wow, I don’t remember the first time I saw snow. I definitely agree with you guys, snow is VERY cold. I like making snowmen and snowforts. Me and my brother always have snowball fights at home, but never throw at the face.


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