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  1. Gallit Zvi at |


    Your words “try doing something else to heal your pain” are so powerful! I will be sharing those words with others for sure!

    What heals your pain?

    For me, reading is healing. Watching funny movies is healing too. And going outside…especially if it is sunny!

    Take it easy on those teeth though…I have grinded mine so much that now I am supposed to wear a night guard.

  2. Frances Barnes at |

    What good ideas you have for dealing with your anger. We all get angry from time to time. Sometimes I go for a long walk and take my dog along. Watching her find joy in absolutely everything helps me clear my head.

  3. JillianW at |

    Rylee, your words and actions are very powerful!

    Stopping to consider the consequences of your actions, especially when angry, shows maturity; it is a life-skill that will serve you well.

    I have noticed that I get angry when I am feeling frustrated. One of the best things for me to do at that moment is to take a break. I listen to music as a way to change “my mindset.” Another thing that usually gets me through a tough situation is reassuring myself “I’m probably not the first person to experience this/feel this way”–I think it helps me to not feel alone at that moment. You have a really good strategy–sharing your feelings with family and friends that you trust.

    I think the action of writing and sharing your voice is very helpful, not only for yourself but for others as well.


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