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  1. cjensen at |

    Hi Josh & Zack (and the rest of the grade 4s) –

    What a wonderful thing your class did! Being happy is good for you. It keeps you healthy. Sometimes people who are going through sad things need other people to give them a boost. You`re willingness to share your own happiness and enthusiasm shows that you care for your community and the people in it. That`s very commendable and shows that young people can help their community be positive too! Keep it up!

    Mrs. Jensen

    1. B.Stumbur at |

      As I watch this with grade three students, they wanted me to tell you they are excited for grade four! We all think you cheered up a lot of people. I am still smiling when I think about your special act of kindness that day. Way to go grade four!

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  3. Sarah betts at |

    We did something very similar in our grade 2 class. We made signs that focused on being kind and encouraging to one another. Our project was linked to our district’s anti bullying day. We wanted to focus on the positive messages. We posted our signs down our hallway for the entire school to see. Next time I think we’ll take our message outside! Thanks for sharing!

  4. simran and blea at |

    Amazing job guys! We are in Grade 6 and 7 and we are doing this too. ours is called Honk If You Love Someone. We are realy proud of all you guys! We are the class you are skyping today! well anyway we both really thought for even grade fours, you guys did so well! and grade 2’s too!

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