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  1. Emilie Keane at |

    The value of a healthy lifestyle is most easily promoted to students when their teachers and administrators model it. Be proud of taking the opportunity offered by the natural wonderland that surrounds your school and enjoying its natural beauty and the time to share it with students. Way to go!

  2. Jen Hollman at |

    What a great adventure it was! I remember how beautiful it was outside. A student are I spent a few minutes admiring how magical the icicles looked on the trees. Sometimes we get so consumed with looking ahead, that we forget to focus and take in what is happening now.

  3. cjensen at |

    Nothing better than fresh crisp air on a snowy winter’s day. Good for the Keephills School community to take advantage of the great things that lie just outside their doorstep and show the students yet another healthy outdoor activity!

  4. S. Schumacher at |

    Great post, Aileen! We are spoiled by nature at Keephills.



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