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184 Days of Learning

Day 123: Lindy, Student (Entwistle School)

March 21, 2013 · 3 Comments · Middle Years

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Entwistle Penny Carnival

On Thursday March 14th,2013 Entwistle School had their first penny carnival. The Carnival was a health activity that Grades six to nine were responsible to create. This event took place from 9:00 to 11:25 a.m. All students from Kindergarten to grade five attended. They were able to leave donations at their favorite booths they went to. Students had a blast playing games for a penny and winning prizes. Students were able to leave donations at their favorite booths. Everyone had a great time playing games and interacting with each other.

The prizes were an assortment of candy to stuffed animals, erasers to pencils and more wonderful items. Items of this selection went from one ticket to 10 tickets. Students got at least one ticket from to three depending on the event.

The games that were there were: Hockey Slap Shot, Fred Flintstones Revenge, Thunder alley bowling, Shamrocks and coins (for St. Patrick’s Day) and more. The students were entertained while the clown went around riding his unicycle. The student got to go through the clowns fun house for a quarter. They would get candy at the end of the funhouse maze.

We are hoping to make this will be an annual event!! All in all, it was great fun for all!

Lindy is a student at Entwistle School.



  • cjensen

    Lindy, I am so pleased that the older students at Entwistle School care so much for the younger students. These whole school events take a lot of work to put together and it sounds like your penny carnival was a great event. The younger students remember these activities as some of their best school memories ever! I hope it becomes an annual event too. Well done!

  • Andrea Carson

    Great job, Lindy! It was a LOT of fun and enjoyed by all. All of the juniors worked hard!

  • Les

    It was a great event! You all did a wonderful job!

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