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  1. Kristy V. at |

    Great reviews of your writing!
    Why did you stop reading the “My Sister the Vampire” series. After four books, I’m curious what caused you to stop reading. You appear to be a very well-read, avid reader.

    Your review of “Wrinkle in Time” was very fascinating! Do you know it was a Newbery Medal winner?

  2. Carolyn Cameron at |

    I loved your post, Amy. It is awesome to hear about all of the reading you have done this summer. I hope lots of other students read this post because you have done an excellent job of creating interest in these book titles through your detailed descriptions. Many others would likely enjoy these books, too.Thank you for sharing your passion for reading with all of us!

    Mrs. Cameron

  3. Raeann Richardson at |

    Way to go Amy ! You have set a wonderful example for others, not only through your dedication and love of reading, but also by taking a risk to share your ideas! 🙂


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