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184 Days of Learning

Day 95: Dalouie Dilling (Woodhaven Middle School)

February 5, 2014 · 2 Comments · Parkland Staff

Connected in the LLC

Every lunch break in the Library Learning Commons, I host a party for Woodhaven Middle School Students. ( AKA lunch supervision.)

If you were to visit our LLC during lunch break, you would see 75-100 bubbly students occupying every chair and space in the room.  The floor is covered with small groups huddled around board games. Tables are surrounded with eager card players.  Regular “gamers” devotedly gaze into laptop computers. Readers scan the stacks searching for their next great read. Best friends share bean bag chairs. Coveted couch spots are quickly filled and rarely vacated. Some students are on personal electronic devices updating statuses and checking in. Every chair is filled and attached to one group or another.

The Couch Potatoes (a group of grade 9s) are gathered around the big TV sharing YouTube videos. I wonder what the theme will be today: trucks plowing through mud, epically gross eating contests, extreme sports, or maybe even how to demolish an airplane. If the Couch Potatoes haven’t claimed the TV, then my trivia crew moves in. These whiz kids boost my ratings on Triviador, which is a worldwide online trivia game.

Of course squirrelled away in the nooks and crannies are the readers.  They are oblivious to the noise, and are just happy to have a spot to be consumed into their fictitious worlds.

Shouts of “Cheat!”, “Sorry!”, and “Do you have a beard?” can be heard before exploding chortles of laugher. The most amazing thing is that for 20 minutes, texting takes a back seat to old school board games.  In case you were wondering, the most popular games are: Sorry, Guess Who, and Stratego. Face to face socializing is king. (Have you ever tried to text a laugh? LOL just doesn’t cut it.)

Every party has to have a cleanup crew.  This is where my student Library Assistants work their magic. Within minutes tables and chairs are tidy and board games are neatly stacked back on the cart ready for tomorrow.

Every teen needs a place to belong, chill out and connect.  Connect.  That word sums it up.  In the library learning commons students connect to the online world, connect to favorite media and connect to each other. This is one party I’m happy to be connected to.

Library Learning Commons (Video) 

 This is Dalouie Dilling’s second year in the Woodhaven Middle School’s library learning commons. You can follow her on Twitter @woodhavenLibrar



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