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  1. Carolyn Jensen at |

    Hi Arlene –

    Thanks for coming in this week. Isn’t it amazing what you can find out about your children s’ learning? Education has been changing in recent years and projects like the tower garden and other experiential learning opportunities are becoming much more common. Long overdue I think! Our focus on student health and wellness is so pertinent to today’s youth and to have parents coming into the school and endorsing our work is a fabulous thing. I wonder what interesting things you will see next time you come in?

  2. Shireen Mohammed at |

    Thank you Arlene for a thorough description of the learning happening in the Stony Creek Programs at CFL. Not only are the students learning amazing concepts and skills, this program is successful because of the parents who work along side with our teachers. Here’s to continued life long learning for all involved!


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