Day 6: Grade 8’s (École Broxton Park School)

Students had an opportunity to learn about the various Chrome applications, extensions and Google Doc add-ons that will support their work in school. Parkland School Division’s staff and students use Google Apps for Education. This environment offers more personalization when working online. Whether for research, speech to text, photo editing, audio input, video creation, readers, access to virtual museums, decluttering websites, text to speech or even knowledge search engines, these applications, extensions and add-ons promote, support and challenge students’ to learn, explore and create.

periscope-logo-1920-800x450To add an extra ‘pretty cool’ factor, we broadcast our learning to the world via the social media app ‘Periscope’ thanks to Parkland School Division’s Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator, Nicole Lakusta.  We had curious bystanders connect with us from Vancouver, California and even Japan!

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