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  1. Kelli Holden & class at |

    We LOVE World Read Aloud Day! Thank you Mrs. Kilduff for reading to us. You did a fantastic, magnificent job. We liked all the colours in the book. We liked that they all thought they were the favourite colors. The crayons reminded us of kids – they are all different, but that makes us all great. Thank you for making our World Read Aloud Day special and something to remember. Keep on reading because the more you read the better you get, and the better you get the more you read! If you keep on reading to other kids, more kids will want to read. You were the best storyteller we met!

  2. Dorcas Kilduff at |

    Thank you for inviting me, it was a blast. I really like to share stories, especially with listeners as great as you! Maybe one day you can read a story to me!


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