Day 113: Jennifer Hollman, Grade 4 Teacher (Duffield School)

Last month I set up Minecraft EDU accounts for my class. My intention was to engage my students by finding creative ways to link Minecraft and learning in the classroom. I noticed that many of my students have interest in Minecraft and spend quite a bit of their free time on this program.

I set up my own account and learned to use some of the basic functions. I am able to go into the my students’ worlds and monitor their progress and provide them with feedback. Minecraft EDU is secure so I know my students are working in a safe environment.

For our first project, I divided the class into small groups to create settings for our class read aloud. We just finished the novel The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and I had each group build a setting from the novel. The novel is about a china rabbit that ends up in many different places with various owners.

The students had to build their setting based on what we read in the book as well as use their imagination. I was amazed at what the students came up with. They collaborated with their team by delegating what each person would build as well as made decisions together on what their setting would look like. Minecraft is also helping my students work on visualization as it helps bring a story to life.

Our next project in Minecraft will be to build Alberta’s regions and I know the students will be looking forward to that too!

Jennifer Hollman
Grade 4 Teacher
Duffield School

Birdseye view of Pellagrina’s House-Isabelle

Sarah Ruth’s grave outside their home-Kash

Dining Room at the Tulane Household-Roan

Abilene’s bedroom-Roan

Birdseye View of the Tulane House-Raeann

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