Day 146: Brogan Foley, Grade 3/4 Teacher (Duffield School)

Education week was an exciting one in the 3/4 class! We started our week with reading to our grade 1 buddies. They are getting so good at reading now! We even got to read outside in the sunshine, how cool is that!!

Math Challenge

On Tuesday, the Grade 3 class challenged us to a math challenge. Every letter of the alphabet was worth a certain amount, and we had to come up with as many words as we could worth 80-120. Then we had to find the most expensive word, which ended up being pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis. Did you know that’s a lung disease?!


We have been learning all about fractions over the last month. Now that we have become fraction experts, it was time to put our knowledge to the test. On Friday the Grade 3’s and 4’s made their very own fraction pizza’s and milkshakes. The students were able to see how important (and delicious) fractions are, and how common they are in our everyday life. Students were given their own pizza that they could create their own fraction creation. They then had to read a recipe to find out what and how much of each ingredient went into the blender to make their own milkshake.

Fractions are delicious!!!

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  1. Sharon Evenson at |

    So fun Brogan! I bet the class loved math class that day 🙂


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