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We’re taking 184 Days of Learning a slighty different direction for the 2015-16 school year.  We hope the changes will make it easier than ever before to share your learning in Parkland School Division with the world!  It could be as simple as ‘point and shoot’.  We encourage contributors to our blog this year to snap some photos or shoot some video with their mobile devices to capture the essence of what you learned in a day.  It might be a project your class is working on.  It could be a field trip you went on.  It might even be an event that involves your whole school.  You don’t have to write an essay about it but you can still contribute a written piece to our blog if that’s your preferred method of story telling.  But as the saying goes, a picture is worth 1000 words.  Let’s see what you’ve got PSD!

As modeled from the edu180atl project, we would like submissions to be 250 words or less, and answer to the prompt, “what did you learn today?”.  Participants will write a short bio about what they do in Parkland to accompany the post which will answer the following:

  • Who they are? (First name only)
  • What they do? (grade 1 student, Superintendent, etc.)
  • What they love?

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  1. Di Doersch at |

    This is a great concept for a website and makes learning real and authentic. I found this through a Twitter feed and would like to dupe it in my school district.

    Thank you to all the contributors. I subscribed to your blog:)

  2. Gary at |

    Think this is a great idea and one I need to try to get going in our Middle School. Hope to have some students comment on Katie’s post soon as well. Thanks for the tweet on comment4kids.

  3. Lou at |

    I LOVE this idea. Watch out NBCS, it’s coming our way!

  4. […] The 184 Days of Learning Project is a great project that focuses on Learning – inside AND outside of the school building because, as George pointed out, learning just doesn’t happen inside the schoolhouse, in fact, most learning happens outside of the school-house walls. […]

  5. Ben at |

    I’ve just come across this and edu180atl today while looking into how my institution might best leverage social media to benefit students, faculty, and staff as a whole. I haven’t been able to pull myself away from your site yet. The stories are engaging and full of life. Keep up the good work – I intend to keep following this outside of work now. 🙂

  6. […] excited to announce the start of our newest blog – Learning Everyday This blog is modeled after  Parkland School Division’s (Alberta, Canada) 184 Days of Learning Blog and it is intended to show highlight some of the stories from the Burlington Public Schools for […]

  7. Phil at |

    Loved the idea when I came across it last year, reading as thought from around PSD70 shared their thoughts and have read the details of the edu180atl. Decided that this year I would implement P184 as a means for my students to reflect on the daily learning and as a way for parents to be that fly on the walls inside their childs’ learning environment

  8. Amanda at |

    Hello Mrs.Ainslie O Connor i remember having you as a grade 3 teacher and let me tell you that you were the best teacher i have ever had in my experiences of school!!I amd now in Grade 5!! I hope that youre year is so special like my year was!! XOXO


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