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Wednesday, September 13 was an exciting day for our class because we participated in a live streaming visit with Peter Reynolds, author of The Dot.  We read the book on our first day of school, and have been inspired by its message and artwork ever since!  Please see what our class has to say about our opportunity to connect with others around the world below.

Please take a moment to also check out Maddisyn’s reflection on her experience on the 184 Days of Learning in Parkland School Division blog here.

We know that Maddisyn and the class would love to hear your thoughts and comments on making your mark!


You wanna know something cool?? WE CAN TALK TO PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Today we met Peter Reynolds in our classroom, and he wasn’t even close to us, he was in Boston. We used a live stream which is like Face Time except we could only see and hear him.  He couldn’t see or hear us, but Ms. Graham was typing to other people who commented to us. We were connecting with people around the world.

Peter Reynolds wrote The Dot The Dot is a very important book because it gives the message make your mark and see where it takes you.  It is about a girl named Vashti who said she couldn’t draw. Her teacher told her to make a mark and see where it takes her.  So Vashti made a dot.  The next day Vashti saw her dot in swirly gold above her teacher’s desk and she said I can make a better dot than that. She made all sorts of dots and she even made a dot by not painting a dot.  We liked the page when Vashti’s teacher said she drew polar bears in a snowstorm.  After I heard that I knew the way Vashti felt.  And also when I heard a JUICY sentence I got goose bumps on me.

Peter Reynolds met Vashti at a coffee shop where she was selling flowers for a fundraiser at school.  While Peter Reynolds was drawing a picture for his book Vashti said, “Who is that picture for?”  Peter Reynolds said, “It’s for you.” Vashti looked surprised.  He signed it and asked “How do you spell your name again?”  Vashti told him how to spell it.  Peter Reynolds asked if he could use it in his book. He looked up her name on his computer and found out it meant beautiful in Persian, so he used it in The Dot. The whole story is based on making a mark and seeing where it takes you, so Peter Reynolds made Vashti be an artist.

The Dot has its own International Dot Day.  Did you know that over 550 000 people are participating in Dot Day?  Peter Reynolds told us that we all matter to other people, and there are dots all over the world. Millgrove is a place I make safe and I can make my mark in school. I learned the importance of showing the world that creativity and ART are really important.  Art can really make a mark.  Art is very inspiring to me and others.  I love to create things too.

We love The Dot in many ways and other people do too.  The Dot is a fabulous book!

Click here to watch a short trailer of The Dot



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Hi there 4GH! I’m a teacher and a friend of Ms Graham’s and she was telling me about The Dot and the awesome activities your class is going to do with it! I’m so happy that you have had an opportunity to meet with the author of The Dot! It sounds like your class is working to create an amazing community of world-changers! After hearing your story about The Dot, I’m planning to read it to my class on Monday. I think they’ll be as excited to make their mark as you all are. Keep up the amazing work, and I look forward to reading more of your class blogs as the school year progresses!

Ms. Burns ! thank you for taking the time to take a “peek” at our blog. We are so excited about the excitement that “the dot” has given us. I hope that you use our blog as part of your lesson on Monday .. your students will love reading the book, writing about their connections and how they are making their mark int eh world. Also.. you could look at all the excitement from International Dot Day tomorrow. Have fun !

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