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Posted by kholden | Posted in Math | Posted on October 14, 2012

I have been watching the live broadcast of Felix Baumgartner’s freefall from the edge of space, and thinking of all the math involved in this project.  How high will the balloon fly?  How long will the fall last?  How fast will he be falling?  I could go on forever! I was wishing that today was a weekday, and we could share this experience as a class.  Then I realized that I could use our class blog to connect with all of you!

So, here is a link to the live broadcast of the jump.  What questions do you have, Grade 4?

For those of us who find this fascinating, here are some more great links with well explained information about today’s jump.



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cool video! I bet the man felt scared and exited when he did the free fall. I think it would be fun to do that!

I really wondered how he was feeling in the second before he let go! I am a bit worried about heights, so I’m not sure how much fun it would be for me. I’m sure that looking at the world from that far up must have been a life changing experience, though.

Oh cool! I’m really excited to talk about this at school. Sounds like a fun thing to do.

Congratulations Felix ! This morning I was also watching the video of his record breaking fall from the edge of space. There were so many thoughts that were running through my head..yes Mrs. Holden, some being Mathematical. What an amazing time in history!

I think it would be terrifying but cool. Terrifying because YOU ARE SO HIGH and cool because you did something that nobody has done before. One of the clips timed the time he fell and it was 4 minutes and 22 seconds I was guessing 2 minutes.That would be outstanding being on the edge of space because you are basically doing what astronauts do.Maybe we should make art of space with stars, earth and Felix falling from space.Have you ever gone sky diving?

Great ideas, Gavin. I agree with the terrifying part – since I am a bit apprehensive about heights. Which is why I have never gone skydiving! However, my 65 year old aunt did, and loved the experience. (Ask Mrs. Buday about her sister). It would be very cool to be the first to make your mark in such a way, though. Ms. Graham, does that idea fit into an art project?

I thought that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree. What I thought was the most amazing was the pictures from when he stepped outside the capsule and was looking down at Earth. What a view!

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