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We’ve had the chance to share with you the excitement as our Grade 4 authors have had their work published this year. First it was Maddisyn, who wrote about what it meant to make your mark. We were amazed to see author Peter Reynolds comment on her piece. Then it was Johan, whose description of preparing for our Millgrove Arcade got reaction from around the world. Johan’s comments on his comments have been an inspiration to us all.
Brendon, Emma, Jordan, Samantha, Adam, Luke, Mack and Taylor decided to share the excitement of Caine’s Arcade with others. Their invitation to our very own Millgrove Arcade resulted in us being featured on Global TV and the Grove Examiner.
Now, our latest blog masters are Emma and Laurence.  Check out their experiences playing in the snow for the very first time on the 184 Days of Learning blog!
It’s not only students that are published….Kaeli explains

My teacher was driving in the car.  She screamed, “STOP THE CAR!!” The other person said “What?” “There’s a moose!”  Ms. Graham was out of the car before it stopped.  She leaped out of the car with her camera.  She ripped her camera out of the case, and took pictures of the moose walking in the field.  Sun shined off his soft hazelnut fur.  He dashed on the grass glimmering with water drops.  The moose jumped over the fence and walked on the road.  A motorcyclist was taking pictures with his phone.  Click.  The moose was suspicious of the man.  He was a meter away from the motorcyclist.  He glared in the man’s eyes.  The motorcyclist gulped in fear.  The moose dashed away.  He was gone.  Ms. Graham got it all in her camera. 

Ms. Graham decided to email the St Albert Gazette about the experience, and ended up on the front page!

We love this picture, in part because it tells a great story and inspires questions.  What do you think the moose and the motorcyclist were thinking?

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This makes me smile ! What a surprise for me to see my own picture of a Sunday afternoon on our blog. I loved what Kaeli had to say about the event. It was a once in a lifetime moment having my camera ready and to witness such a beautiful yet terrifying event.

I think the moose was thinking “hmmm what is this funny looking creature with the shiny black head on the other side of the road. I think i will get a closer look!” I think the motorcyclist was thinking ” do I move… do I scream… do I smile …” I have a feeling he will never forget this event , it will be a story he will share around the family dinner table years to come.
Congrats to us all for making the start of the year a great success using technology and social media 🙂

We are connected in many ways; I saw this picture in the Gazette last weekend! I never thought that one of our very own teachers took it. All I could think about was, “Doesn’t that motorcyclist realize the moose is a large wild animal that could turn on him any moment?” I really wonder, though, what the cyclist’s pictures look like, taken from the viewpoint that he is looking from. I agree with Ms. Graham that it would be cool to write about this event from the motorcyclist’s or moose’s point of view, and to draw pictures of what they might have been looking at during that moment.

What a lovely picture…MAN VS BEAST!!
Such a wonderful gift to share, thank you Mrs. Graham.
It’s amazing how the legs on the moose are about as tall as the person capturing a photo of it on the motorbike.
I definitely think if the motorbike accidentally hit the moose that perhaps the moose’s belly would have a clean shave and the motorcyclist would be shaken in his leather boots :).
Take care,

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