12 Days of Kindness


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A few days ago, I shared this video with our class:

We loved it!  Parts of it reminded us of the standing ovations we give to students, and how good that feels when you are the person at the front of the class.  We were inspired by this video to find ways to help students too.  We decided to give Millgrove students a great ending to their day, and lined the hallways on the way out.  You can see some of the reactions in this video:

Not only did the Grade 2’s enjoy their goodbye, but the Grade 4’s had a great time doing it too!  We decided to keep the ball rolling.  We weren’t alone!  Some other PSD classes were also inspired by the Students Helping Students video to perform random acts of kindness.  Mrs. Dickson’s Grade 3 class decided to change the Twelve Days of Christmas into the Twelve Days of Kindness.  It was such a good idea we chose to use it too.

On our Second Day of Kindness, we turned our attention to some teachers and administrators.  Mrs. Stumbur was surprised to get cheers and applause for coming down our hallway.  Mr. Couros not only got a standing ovation, but also a sweet treat!


A personalized gingerbread cookie!

What’s next?  Stay tuned to find out.  We’d love to hear your ideas for some random acts of kindness during this season of good cheer.  Leave us a comment!


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I liked giving Mr. Couros a standing ovation

That was such a good feeling when I walked in the door. It is those little things that help someone, whether you think they need it or not. Thank you for being such an awesome class and thank you for sharing this to inspire others!!!

Mr. Couros

my heart was POUNDING as i walked down the hallway right behind him. i felt like a superstar he is a very TALL man.we gave him a standing ovation , thats when we all just randomly stood up from working in our class.
we gave him a coffee from starbucks and a LARGE gingerbreadman. a student in our class had decorated that cookie.two adults helped groups of 5 at a time,there was big bottles filled of coloured icing i was so exited when i walked in to the small kitchen

Mayla, I LOVE this comment – your strong words make me feel like I was right there with you!

Wow, Mayla, I would give you a 10 on the comment. I love your WOW words!


I just came back to read this post and saw your comment. Every time I come to visit your class, I am the one who feels surrounded by superstars! You and your classmates are doing such great things and I am so proud that I am part of the school division that gets to watch what you are doing to inspire the entire world! I am very proud of all that I have seen this year and I hope that I continue to watch this year, and the following years!

Thank you for being so awesome!!!

Mr. Couros

WOW! Great job, random acts of kindness not only make the world a better place – random acts of kindness are making you into better people! Keep up the caring and sharing!
Jayne Clare

What a fantastic idea PSD classes. I love it so much I am going to share it with the teachers at our school.
How did the huge smiles of the people on the receiving end of the standing ovation make you feel? Pretty great I expect.
Could an idea for an act of kindness be to set up a winter breakfast cafe for your custodial, secretarial and grounds staff? Pancakes perhaps?
I am looking forward to all twelve days.
Merry Christmas!

I love your 12 Days of Kindness Song. I think many of the best random acts of kindness don’t involve money at all. Keeping an eye out this time of year for something unexpected you can do to make someone’s day is a great way to make BOTH your day and theirs. I’m going to share this with my students on Monday. We were going to hang ornaments on a Christmas tree. Instead, I’m going to ask them to write random acts of kindness they’ve done and put them on a our tree. I wasn’t planning to do this until I read your post tonight. Thank you for inspiring our class in Missouri! I can’t wait to share with my students.

Thank you all!
Krissy Venosdale
Missouri, USA

Thank you! This really feels like a snowball that keeps rolling and growing. I love your idea about decorating the tree with kindness, and can’t wait to see how that inspires our class! Merry Christmas!

that is a really great idea about you decorating the chrismas tree with notes of kindness

Mayla, maybe we should ask to see a picture of it…what do you think?

yes Mrs.Holden,that is a GREAT idea

Thank you all for doing this. Any time anybody does anything nice for anyone else we all come out ahead. I hope you remember how good it felt to be kind — maybe so you can let someone else feel good next time they try to be kind even if it’s the middle of a horrible day.

Awesome! It is such nice feeling watching our students share the goodness in their hearts! We look forward to seeing all the great acts of kindness over the next couple of weeks.

We have enjoyed seeing what your students have done, and being inspired by them – thank you. We look forward to seeing where we will go on this journey!

Keep it up. Random acts of kindness are contagious and isn’t it the greatest feeling? Merry Christmas.

Thanks for the inspiration and idea of the 12Days of Kindness. I am principal of a small school where we try to practise random acts of kindness on a daily basis and where we need to learn about supporting each other – being ” upstanders” – a new word we learned during anti-bullying week!

An act of kindness I like to do is brush the snow off of a fellow staff member’s car in the school’s parking lot. I think they must have a big smile on their face when they come out of the building at the end of the day and realize they don’t have to brush any snow off their car!

I think some time in the year we should just do random acts of kindness for no good reason

Just because no good reason is the good reason, right? I agree!

I think that the 12 days of kindness is very fun. you should of seen their faces when we gave every student a standing ovation( they were soooo happy).I enjoy doing it alot.I wonder what we are going to do next.:)

from jillian bieraugle

Yes, it was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? I’m excited to see what we do over the next two weeks too!

After the first standing ovation to the grade 2’s me and Gavin took it a bit farther…We gave a standing ovation to the kids on our BUS!

Really? That is so awesome! I wish I could have seen their faces…and your bus driver’s expression! Way to go, guys!

WOW ! what a wonderful conversation on random acts of kindness. I remember when I was in high school I used to give out “warm fuzzies” to friends recognizing all the positive things they do.
There is a lot of power in the selfless act of giving and making others feel good. Millgrove is fortunate to have such kind giving students. way to go 4GH !

ummmm… what is a ‘Warm Fuzzie’???

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What a nice thing to do . We really appreciate the kind thoughts and words and the video was very cool . We are glad everyone enjoys the lights and decorations . Have a great New Year .

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