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On Monday our class had a Mystery Number Skype with Keephills School.  It’s like trying to guess a favorite food but it’s a number.  You Skype with someone and guess their number. The rules were it had to be a yes or no question and the number had to have meaning. They had AMAZING questions. It was a fun and challenging activity.  We could feel the energy surging in the air.

First we did a warm-up round to practise, so the number was between 0-100.  It’s really easy to keep track if it’s 0-100 because you can use a hundreds chart.  It gets harder when it’s over 100 because you have to use a number line. Eventually we guessed it. It was 47 because they have 47 students in their school. It was shocking when they were getting closer to our number!  Ethan picked 560 because that is the number of students in Millgrove, so our number was meaningful.

Our advice is to start off practising with 1-100.  Hundreds are quite easy, when you are done practicing you can go to 1-1000.

The better the questions are, the closer you’ll get to the number.  A good question dominates a lot of numbers so we can get the number faster.  Just for a heads up, here are some good questions to ask:

  • Is it even/odd?
  • Can you divide it by 5? That’s a good question because it narrows it down to the number ending in either a 5 or a 0.
  • Is it greater than ?? You should pick the number that is half and in the middle.  For example, if you are working with 0-100, you would select 50.

We learned

  • it is not so good to guess the number right away
  • it is better to ask questions that take out more numbers
  • to ask half so it wipes away half the numbers
  • how to use the number line
  • there is always a way to figure things out even if it is frustrating sometimes

The hardest part was keeping track of the questions we had already asked and figuring out their number.  We used the 100 chart on the SMARTBoard at first, and then a number line.  All the questions we heard were useful. The good part was when both of us found the right answer, and everyone says “Yay”, and gets so excited.

Everyone had a job.  We all had to draw a number line and take out numbers on the number line on every guess. Some people had other jobs, like people took pictures, some were the askers, two wrote down the questions, and one did the number line. We had two people at one SMARTBoard keeping track on the hundreds chart of what number it could and couldn’t be.  We are still figuring out more jobs for everyone.

I know our class and Keephills were inspired by other classes and now inspired other classes to try.  You should play this game! We would totally want to do it again because it helps us grow better in math.  It is exciting and fun because you get to talk to and meet other people.  We would love to do it again!  If you would like to play with our class, you can contact Mrs. Holden on Twitter at @KelliHolden.

The students in 4GH are Millgrovers and math masters. We know that Math is awesome and we find it everywhere! We love to learn new things every day. We like a challenge, and trying to solve everything. It’s great to learn from other classes and other people. Skype is a blast!  You can find us on Twitter at @millgrove4gh

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What a great activity to do with Keephills School. I like the strategies you shared in your post.

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