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Did you know that London Drugs is up for an Emerald Award because they are doing a favor for the environment? They are doing something great and respecting the environment. London Drugs is up for an award because they are going to take 95% of their garbage out of the landfills by 2015.  Emerald Awards are given when a group helps by being green to help the earth, and celebrating things that are eco friendly.  London Drugs is not just going for the award, they are also trying to be green.

London Drugs are doing Earth friendly things.  How are they doing that you might ask?  Well they are transferring batteries and electronics that people don’t use to GEEP (which stands for Global Electric and Electronic Processing centre). Did you know that you can go to London Drugs to drop off your old electronic waste? They let people come in and drop off the electronics and batteries, then transfer them to GEEP. When they drop of their stuff, the customers can pick up more if they want. London Drugs pays GEEP $100 to take each pallet of old electronics from people that bring them in.

Look at all the different materials that come out of electronics!

GEEP is a place that has broken electronics like batteries, computers and other things go to get recycled and then reused.  They take out the steel, copper, brass, glass and much more. Most people’s parents don’t know about GEEP, but we do because we went there when we went to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.

London Drugs and GEEP are trying to clean up the landfills. This is important because if the acid in batteries leak in the landfills the bad acids could get into our clean water and make us sick.

Grade 4, please make a comment below.  Some things to think about:

Do you think London Drugs can reach its goal of keeping 95% of its waste out of the landfill?

Do you think the Emerald Awards are a good idea?

What do you remember about our visit to GEEP?

What does your family do with its old electronics?

Would your family use the drop off at London Drugs?

Pop Tart!


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When I was thinking about what to write in my Reflection Journal, Ms. Nelson called me and Emma. When we were walking to the hallway Emma said, “Where are we going?” I said, “Hmmmm in the kitchen?”  Ms.Nelson said, “Nope, it is a secret.”  She said she would never ever say the secret. I laughed but I was guessing it is in the office.

We went into the office, then turned left and went in the staff room.  We sat at a table and waited for Ms. Nelson.  She was cooking a PopTart.

When I started eating, it was so good! There’s a cracker, syrup I think, chocolate, and marshmallow.  It’s so delicious but it’s so hot we had to wait until it cooled off.  But it’s still so good!!! After Emma is done eating she told her story while I was waiting because it was so hot. When we were walking back to class we told Mrs.Holden that Ms. Nelson is in the other class.


by Laurence

World Read Aloud


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March 6 is a special day because it is World Read Aloud Day.  This means that most people around the world take the time to read out loud.  Reading is special because the more you read, the better you get and the better you get the more you read!  Not everyone in the world is allowed to read, so we know we are pretty lucky!

Today 4GH celebrated Global Read Aloud Day by reading with our Grade 2 neighbours.  It was a lot of fun!  We were among 65 countries and hundreds of thousands of readers.


Albert visits the Dunvegan Bridge


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Dear Milly,

Well, we left High Prairie and I crossed the Smoky River.  If you look on the map, see if you can see which river the Dunvegan Bridge crosses.  The bridge is huge!!

I was very lucky to get to go skiing at the ski hill closest to Dunvegan.  Can you find what it is called?  I was excited to go skiing with my new friend Amara.  It was her first day skiing too!  She is the middle skier with her arms wide open in the picture. (You can click on the picture to see it bigger).

After we were done, we drove home via Peace River.  Here’s another question – which 3 rivers meet at Peace River?


Talk to you soon,

Your snowy friend Albert

P.S. If you would like to see another picture of the Dunvegan Bridge, which is the longest suspension bridge in Alberta, and find out more about it click here!

Milly visits Lacombe and Albert Visits Enilda


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Dear Albert,

We drove for one hour and 30 minutes with no food – how do you do it?  Once we got to Lacombe there were some trees with no leaves.  I guess with 11 707 people in Lacombe they probably ate it all!  Luckily I found some.

Well, we weren’t just staying in Lacombe.  We had a hotel in Red Deer which is the city nearby and there was still no food and there was even more people! There are 91 877 people in Red Deer.  It is only a 20 minute drive from Lacombe.  It is soooo cooool here my fur froze standing up!

I got to go to two of Courtney’s ringette games and one I didn’t go to because it was soooo early in the morning.  They got a silver medal that was so shiny!

Lots of love,

Your best friend Milly (with a little help from Courtney)

Well, the last time we heard from Albert he had sent us a mysterious picture, and we were trying to figure out just what was in the photo.  We came up with many ideas, and one of them was right on!  The unknown objects out on Lesser Slave Lake were actually ice fishing shacks. Here is a picture Ms. Drefs sent us:.

After seeing this picture, we got to hear some ice fishing stories from our Grade 4’s.


While Milly was visiting the southern part of the Parkland Region with Courtney, Albert was busy too.  He had a great time playing in the outdoors in Enilda.  We can tell from these pictures that the Boreal Forest gets lots of snow in the winter – maybe even more than us! Check out all the things he got to do:

Tunnelling in the snow!

Travellling by dog sled

Albert is one lucky moose!

The Premiere of a Grade 1/Grade 4 Technotale


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Before Christmas, our Grade 4 students were excited about the opportunity to work with Mrs. Hasham’s class to celebrate National Cookie Day. Every morning a group of our students goes down the hallway to read with some of the Grade 1’s, so this was a great way for all of us to get together at once. We were inspired  to create our own cookie writing. Our class had been using the thesaurus in Writer’s Workshop, so it just seemed natural to bring that skill into this project too. Of course, if we were writing about cookies, we had to bake and eat some too!

Once each group had selected their word, they wrote about a cookie experience then drew and painted an illustration. Our Grade 4 Tech Team of Samantha, Abby and Caleb pulled all the pieces together in iMovie to create this Technotale. The ending is probably our favorite part – see if you can figure out why!

Just What Are They?


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Hmmm….Albert has given us a mystery to solve!  Yesterday he and his friend Julia Drefs sent us this tweet:

Last week, he sent us these pictures .  You might need to click on the picture to see the objects more clearly.

So just what/who is Albert hanging out with in Joussard?

Here’s what we know:

there’s some tracks in the snow that looked like truck or snowmobile tracks

They live in the Boreal Forest

Moose live in the Boreal Forest

They are in a big group (moose don’t live in big groups)

Wolves live in the Boreal Forest and travel in big groups

Buffalo travel in big groups (if the ice holds a truck, it could hold a buffalo)

Sometimes people put a bunch of little houses on lakes in the winter for ice fishing

Elk live in the Boreal Forest and travel in big groups

People like to snowmobile on lakes in groups

So, what do you think they are?  Click here to let us know your answer.  We hope to find out from our friends in Joussard this week!



Milly Goes Skating


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Dear Albert,

Did you know that 2 arenas in Spruce Grove are named after hockey players?  One is named Grant Fuhr, and one is named Stu Barnes.

Our class went skating at the Stu Barnes Arena today. Our friends Luke and Dawsyn took me on a tour of both arenas.  They both play Atom hockey, so they are at the arenas all the time.  It was really fun skating with everyone and we even got a class picture in front of the Stu Barnes mural!

I am going to tell you what I learned about Stu Barnes.  There is a sign and display in the arena.  Barnes was drafted fourth overall by the Winnipeg Jets in the 1989 NHL draft.  In 1993, he was trade to St. Louis, and then the Dallas Stars.  After he retired from the NHL, he gave his signed jersey, helmet and gloves to Spruce Grove.

 I found out that Grant Fuhr was a hockey player who was born and raised here in Spruce Grove.  He was a goaltender from 1981-2000 for the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabres, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues, and Calgary Flames.  In 2003 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  He holds a record for the longest undefeated streak by a goaltender in his first NHL season.  He went 23 games in a row without letting any goals in! He also holds a record for the most games played by a goaltender in a single season.  He played 79 games in 1996.  Grant Fuhr retired before our friend Luke was even born!  They have a special display at the Arena that Luke showed me.  He is a really big Oilers fan!

I hope that you are having fun.  Be careful with all the animals that you are hanging out with.  Be careful on the ice, and make sure it’s safe so you don’t fall in.  You should wear a helmet!


Milly (and Luke and Dawsyn)


Albert Visits Kinuso


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Today Albert gave us a mystery to solve, and showed us one of his new friends!

Dear Milly,

I just stopped by the grade 4 classroom at Kinuso School in Kinuso, Alberta. Kinuso is located in the Boreal Forest Region of Alberta. In our region, there are lots of trees, making forestry an important industry here. We also have a booming oil and gas industry. We have lots of animals in our area, such as moose, bears, cougars, coyotes, wolves and deer. Our area is beautiful because of our many lakes and rivers, fragrant trees, and recreational opportunities. Our climate is very cold and snowy in the winter. We have had a ton of snow so far this winter. Our summers are usually very warm and rainy at times, but we get a lot of wind off of the lake, which can dry things out and cause wildfires. Thank you for sending Albert to visit us!


Albert with Mrs. Klyne’s Fantastic Fours (Aspen, Keanna, Ebony, Jami, PR, Ethan, Sierra, Parker, Rapunzel, Ms. Gallagher and Mrs. Klyne) 

Albert in Kinuso School with his new friend Rapunzel

Dear Albert,

Let’s get this straight.  Since you left, you have visited High Prairie, Lesser Slave Lake, Slave Lake, and Kinuso!  Our Grade 4GH friends have been looking on the map, and we were fascinated by how humungous Slave Lake and Lesser Slave Lake are, especially when they are put together.  They were wondering if your new Grade 4 friends like to skate on the lake when it’s frozen.  (By the way, we had lots of fun skating today, but I will write about that tomorrow).

We like your new friend Rapunzel, and Chyanne thinks she’s a guinea pig – is she?  But if she is a guinea pig, why is she so hairy?

Kinuso sounds like a great place to visit.  We would like to go there and see the different animals, especially the wolverine in the Kinusayo Museum.

Well, I have to go now.  You aren’t the only one who gets to travel, because our friend Courtney is taking me to Lacombe tomorrow for her ringette tournament.  I will tell you all about it on Monday!

Lots of love,

Your best friend Milly 


Milly visits Rabbit Hill


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Dear Albert,

I hope that you arrived safely in High Prairie, and had a comfortable trip.  Mrs. Holden was worried that I might be lonely without you, so she took me home with her for the weekend.

On the way home, we drove by a service rig working on a gas well.  There are lots of wells in the Parkland region, and I saw lots of pumpjacks as we were driving.  Mrs. Holden says that the oil and gas industry is very important to the Parkland region because it gives many people jobs.  I was wondering if any of our 4GH friends have family that work with the oil and gas industry.  Maybe they could leave us a comment so we could find out.

Mrs. Holden had to pick up some kids who were snowboarding at Rabbit Hill.  I was excited to see a ski hill, and was looking for a really big hill.  I was surprised when Mrs. Holden showed it to me as we were driving.  See the little tiny hill?

I was a little disappointed because it wasn’t very big.  Mrs. Holden laughed and told me to wait.  Then we drove some more.  It turns out that the North Saskatchewan River has made a big valley and carved out some very steep hills.  Now that’s more like it!


There were lots of people skiing and snowboarding and having lots of fun.  Our 4GH friends will be going to the Snow Valley ski hill in Edmonton very soon, and I might even try skiing myself!  On the way home, Mrs. Holden told me that there are many people in the Parkland Region who like to ski and snowboard.  She said that Jennifer Heil used to go to Millgrove School, and was in her class!  All the staff at Millgrove and the people in Spruce Grove are very proud of Jenn.  She worked very hard for years and years so that she could ski in the Olympics, and it paid off with her Olympic medals.  A couple of years ago Jenn came back to visit Millgrove, and told the students to remember to always dream and work hard, and it will pay off.  Well, now my dream is to try skiing, so we will see how my long legs will handle it!

Albert, I’m sure you know how excited I was to find out that Mrs. Holden lives by a pond.  She said that some people call it a slough.  Well, I call it yummy!  Look at all the delicious plants we could eat there.  Right now it is frozen so some people have cleared it off for skating.  On the weekends there is usually some kids there playing hockey, and sometimes people have a fire.  It sounds like lots of fun.

I am looking forward to hearing about your new friends, Albert.  Please remember to keep your scarf wrapped up around your neck while you are outside.  We moose like cold weather, but I don’t want you to get sick!

Love your soon to be skiing friend,


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