Reflecting on a Global (TV) Experience


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After seeing ourselves on Global News, we had a chance to reflect on the experience.  Here’s a compilation of everyone’s thoughts:

I felt really excited when Emily and Charles walked through the doorway on Monday. It was really cool that they came here to Millgrove.  It meant a lot. We weren’t camera ready, so Charles gave us some tips about not to smile or look at the camera or they will cut you out of the video, most people do so that meant they wouldn’t be on TV.

It felt like I was going to faint when he looked over my shoulder with the camera. It was SO tempting to look at the camera when it was right in my face. I was watching the others, and I could see the expression on their faces.  It looked like they wanted to smile! The back of my head was filmed when Sam got interviewed. It was surprising that Charles leaned over my shoulder and took pictures of my Global News picture that I had made.

When I watched it on TV I almost jumped off my mom’s bed with excitement.  The people on the video did great and they have lots of courage. I felt good about it and a little embarrassed at the same time.  My mom sent it to everyone in my family.  My Nana zipped over to our house like a speeding bullet to ask us if we saw it and me, my mom and my sister said “YES!” Then we all had a big group hug.

I have never been more happy in my life to see my class on TV! While we were watching the video you could see the Cheshire Cat smiles! It made me feel like paparazzi were crowding me.  I was surprised and laughing in my head at the same time. Especially I am proud of everyone in my class.

We learned lots about working in TV.  I sleep in on Saturday and Sundays so I can’t be a person on TV but weekdays I can if I have my teachers’ permission to miss school (because you just can’t miss school!) Being working on weekends, I don’t know if I can handle too much of that.  I learned that cameraman Charles wanted to be in the circus.  We thought that Emily was talking to herself but she was actually rehearsing her lines, so now we believe she’s not strange. She practiced right beside me!

I thought it was really amazing that they were here for 2 hours and it made 2 minutes of film.  I noticed the news is just like maple syrup.  It takes a whole lot of sap to make a little maple syrup, so it takes a lot of footage to make a little actual news. I was surprised that Mr. Couros got in and we never knew because they filmed him in the hallway.

I think it is wonderful to be able to use social media as a kid because our parents and older never got the chance to do that. The adults can watch TV and see what we can do today, and our families get to see what we are doing at school.  They can see how we use Twitter.  They never had the privilege to even have Twitter in school! We don’t only do it at school – we can do it anywhere.

Social media seems to be mostly used for bullying but we use our blog and Twitter for Kindness.  Cyberbullying is when people are rude on Twitter, Facebook and other stuff too.  Social media is so important in our classroom because that is how we meet people from around the world.  I am happy that we got to share what we do best which is using electronics like Twitter, YouTube and blogs. We can show people all around the world how kids can use Twitter and Facebook because people don’t think we can use it for good.  We have been inspired. I’m sure it will inspire other people too. It was a big opportunity.

Our film was short but it said a lot.  Watch it and tell us what you think!


It`s the Small Things That Matter


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Wile watching The Hobbit over the holidays, one of Gandalf’s lines really stood out to me.

“Saruman believes that it is only great power that can hold evil in check. That is not what I’ve found. I found it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk, that keeps the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love.”

We had just finished our Twelve Days of Kindness, and this quote really stuck with me.

While at Teachers’ Convention, I was repeatedly reminded of the importance of these small acts of kindness. A highlight was meeting face to face with the teachers who have so kindly taken our friend Albert under their wing. Corey Whalen introduced himself after one session, and told me about how much his children enjoyed having Albert stay at their house. I loved hearing about how his young daughter had our moose playing with her stuffed mountain goat.

Through Twitter, we were able to meet all of the teachers who have hosted Albert on his trip through the Boreal Forest. Julia Drefs brought Albert with her to Convention, so we all posed for a picture.

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to let all of them know how much we appreciated the time and effort they have put into this project, and the learning that has taken place in the class as a result.

Being aware of these kind actions opened my eyes to numerous others. Mrs. Stumbur graciously drove a number of us downtown, Ms. Graham, Mrs. Korte, Mrs. Constantin and Mr. Wahlen were quick to save us all seats, others were quick to share ideas and books they knew I would appreciate, many volunteers gave their time to organize a great convention and much more.

The CAVE theme for February at Millgrove is Kindness. To help us be aware of the many acts of kindness all around us every day, we are challenging our students to take note of those they see. We will be writing, tweeting and blogging about them, so stay tuned.  Grade 4, please tell us about the acts of kindness you notice around you!

Wrapping up 12 Days of Kindness


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The holidays are a wonderful time – and they can get a little busy!  Before Christmas, we were so proud of our Grade 4’s and their work with the 12 Days of Kindness.  Now that Christmas has come and gone, we have some time to update our blog and recap what we did.

On the fifth day of Kindness, we took the suggestion of Ms. Weeks’ comment from our first Kindness blog post to recognize our hard working custodians Mr. Wiebe and Ms. Benson.  Every year they take the time to light our hallways, and it is a very special Millgrove tradition.  Check out what we did below:


On the sixth day of Kindness, we wanted to remember our dedicated office staff of  Mrs. Orey, Mrs. Ferguson and Mrs. Regan.  We decided that a little Tim’s would brighten their day!


On the seventh day of Kindness, we found a special little something that we knew was just right for a special someone on our staff… but we still want to keep it a secret!

On the eighth day of Kindness, we wrapped up our Kinette Christmas Hamper drive by gathering and organizing the school donations.  There was a lot of work involved, but it was done with happy hearts and smiling faces – see for yourself:


On the ninth day of Kindness we took time to think about being kind to our World.  Our Waste and Our World activities reminded us of some of the little things we all can do to make a difference.  Our friend Tessa wrote about some of them for the 184 Days of Learning blog.  See some of the things we did here

On the tenth day of Kindness we decided to stage a Drop in D.E.A.R with our Grade Two friends.  Our surprise arrival in their classroom was welcomed, and they were happy to come back to our class for a little holiday reading!

On the eleventh day of Kindness, we worked with our Grade One buddies to compile our National Cookie Day project into a Technotale.  We will be sharing its grand premiere with the Grade Ones in January, and will post the finished piece on the blog then.

On the twelfth day of Kindness we gave the gift of song, with the help of Mrs. Davies.  Just before the end of the day, we all gathered in the library round circling the school Christmas tree, and sang Welcome Christmas (just like the Who’s in Whoville).  Listening to the song warmed our hearts, and it was the perfect send off to the holidays!

Participating in our Twelve Days of Kindness gave us special memories and the opportunity to remember that the spirit of the holiday season is about giving in all sorts of ways.  We are so very proud of our students and their wholehearted participation in these activities.  Happy Holidays from all of us to you!


On the Fourth Day of Kindness…


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On the Fourth Day of Kindness, we noticed some younger students playing in the snow. With just a little help, their snowman went from ordinary to extraordinary! Check it out…

On the Third Day of Kindness…


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Psst! This act of kindness is still a secret, but it might be the most fun yet!


12 Days of Kindness


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A few days ago, I shared this video with our class:

We loved it!  Parts of it reminded us of the standing ovations we give to students, and how good that feels when you are the person at the front of the class.  We were inspired by this video to find ways to help students too.  We decided to give Millgrove students a great ending to their day, and lined the hallways on the way out.  You can see some of the reactions in this video:

Not only did the Grade 2’s enjoy their goodbye, but the Grade 4’s had a great time doing it too!  We decided to keep the ball rolling.  We weren’t alone!  Some other PSD classes were also inspired by the Students Helping Students video to perform random acts of kindness.  Mrs. Dickson’s Grade 3 class decided to change the Twelve Days of Christmas into the Twelve Days of Kindness.  It was such a good idea we chose to use it too.

On our Second Day of Kindness, we turned our attention to some teachers and administrators.  Mrs. Stumbur was surprised to get cheers and applause for coming down our hallway.  Mr. Couros not only got a standing ovation, but also a sweet treat!


A personalized gingerbread cookie!

What’s next?  Stay tuned to find out.  We’d love to hear your ideas for some random acts of kindness during this season of good cheer.  Leave us a comment!


How Our Alberta Stories Turn into a Heritage Feast!


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We are excited about sharing our Alberta Stories with each other, and looking forward to finding out more about when, how and why our families came to this province.  We love that we get to learn so much about each other and Alberta’s history in the process!

Today we discussed formats that would best showcase student information and ideas, and be informative, interesting and interactive. We discovered that 24 heads are definitely better than one! Some ideas – creating a poster in the shape of the province of Saskatchewan, building a diarama of a barn (the information could be see when the door opens, or attached to the animals, or attached to the fence), building a gameboard, using a poster of the sun and lifting each ray to find the information underneath, having train tracks travel around the poster to highlight facts and more. We will spend some more time tomorrow developing projects. Presentations begin on Monday. Please see the alberta story rubric (1) we developed for more information.

During these projects each year, students ask to bring foods that reflect their family background as a way to share part of their heritage.  This year, we are inviting students to bring a dish to school as part of our Heritage Feast on November 5, 2012.  In addition students may also invite a family member to dine and view the projects following lunch. After sharing a great meal, our guests will have an opportunity to travel around and learn about all of us!

Please have your dishes at the school, ready to serve by 11:30 am. It is helpful if you have your child make a label with the name of the dish and the country/province it represents. Remember to also include any serving utensils needed, as we do not have a wide selection here at school. All plates/platters/bowls/spoons/etc. should be clearly labelled with your students name, so that they make it safely home again.

If you are able to assist with setup and/or clean up with this event, please write a note in your child’s agenda.

We have created a Heritage Feast page on the Grade 4 Blog, where we ask that you post your recipe.  If you have a favorite story or memory that goes along with the dish, please post that as well!
Mid Winter Feast - 2010-06-20

The Power of the Pen…


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We’ve had the chance to share with you the excitement as our Grade 4 authors have had their work published this year. First it was Maddisyn, who wrote about what it meant to make your mark. We were amazed to see author Peter Reynolds comment on her piece. Then it was Johan, whose description of preparing for our Millgrove Arcade got reaction from around the world. Johan’s comments on his comments have been an inspiration to us all.
Brendon, Emma, Jordan, Samantha, Adam, Luke, Mack and Taylor decided to share the excitement of Caine’s Arcade with others. Their invitation to our very own Millgrove Arcade resulted in us being featured on Global TV and the Grove Examiner.
Now, our latest blog masters are Emma and Laurence.  Check out their experiences playing in the snow for the very first time on the 184 Days of Learning blog!
It’s not only students that are published….Kaeli explains

My teacher was driving in the car.  She screamed, “STOP THE CAR!!” The other person said “What?” “There’s a moose!”  Ms. Graham was out of the car before it stopped.  She leaped out of the car with her camera.  She ripped her camera out of the case, and took pictures of the moose walking in the field.  Sun shined off his soft hazelnut fur.  He dashed on the grass glimmering with water drops.  The moose jumped over the fence and walked on the road.  A motorcyclist was taking pictures with his phone.  Click.  The moose was suspicious of the man.  He was a meter away from the motorcyclist.  He glared in the man’s eyes.  The motorcyclist gulped in fear.  The moose dashed away.  He was gone.  Ms. Graham got it all in her camera. 

Ms. Graham decided to email the St Albert Gazette about the experience, and ended up on the front page!

We love this picture, in part because it tells a great story and inspires questions.  What do you think the moose and the motorcyclist were thinking?

CAINE’S Arcade Cardboard Challenge ~2012


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Don’t forget to look online for more pictures and videos as Saturday, October 6th will be the first annual Global “Day of Play” for Caine’s Arcade.

Millgrove Grade 4 students were fortunate to have the patience and support of our school to host such a successful week. All that is left are a few projects ( OK… many) awaiting their new home and hopefully endure more play time. We know we inspired many and had full circle moments with younger students creating projects at home. We know we made a difference and instilled a little more imagination into the lives of Millgrove youth.

CHECK IT OUT here is a short slide show of some of our games:


We also have some more exciting news ! We were published in the Friday edition of the Spruce Grove Examiner~ take a peek!

Lots to think about … what was your favorite part about the cardboard challenge ?



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25, 50, 100… These were some of the numbers of children and adults playing arcade games in our room at one time. October 2nd was an incredible day of play along the grade 4 hallway. We showcased our tried and tested games and yes.. even had a little FUN learning. It was an unforgettable day on many levels as the grade 4’s made their mark and used their imaginations and connected the enthusiasm of Caine and the importance of the 3R’s all in one day. It was truly hard to believe that so many were in the room at one time as all were engaged and focused for hours with a continual grin on their faces. To top it off, Global Edmonton TV visited and interviewed some students and filmed us in play. We also had a visit from Mr. Couros at division office and a reporter from the Spruce Grove Examiner to play a few games and interview us for an upcoming article. It was so exciting on so many levels to see the teachers , Administration, custodian, parents and volunteers make the time and stop by for a little fun with imagination. Tomorrow we will be hosting the arcade during Parent Teacher interviews ~ Don’t forget to play and donate for a fun pass !

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