The more you read, the better you get, and the better you get the more you read!  At the Grade 4 level, we expect students to spend 20 minutes each night doing their Home Reading.  Remember, in addition to their library books and home collections, students can also use the Tumblebooks Website (see the front page of your student’s Daytimer for the URL and password).

Numeracy is a strong focus in Grade 4.  Our Math program emphasizes everyday connections to real life, and we love the Bedtime Math website because of its enjoyable, levelled problems.  Your child uses Dreambox Math at school, and can continue exploring at home.  Login information will be sent home soon.

As an added incentive, our 4GH students receive 5 points for each 20 minutes spent reading or practicing Math.  Simply indicate the amount of time in your child’s Daytimer, and sign.  We use these points each week for real life practice with adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, averaging, fractions, decimals, area and perimeter.  Points can be cashed in for a variety of classroom rewards.

We thank you for your much appreciated support in building your child’s skills.

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