CCC- Coraberationk

In class we watched two videos, and reflected on google docs in small groups. The first video was “Space of Creativity”, and the second video was “Why Collaboration Works”. We had to keep track of what was going on, and had to explain it. In Space of Creativity the man talked about how an invention should have extra parts in case it needs to be fixed. Some simpler ideas are better. Did you know that WiFi and data are connected to GPS systems? In why collaboration works the woman talked about ow inspiration is different from taking credit for somebody else’s ideas, and when your collaborate you can turn one idea into two ideas.

Innovation Week

Making dog stuff and donating it to the SPCA

What was the high point of the day?….

Me, Mary, and Paige got our dog beds made and have the structure all together. We still have to get the toys and other things done, but the beds are somewhat close to being done.

What was frustrating of the day?…

The hardest part of the day was using the hot glue gun to glue the fabric onto the structure we made. We each made our own bed and i had to restart because I got glue all over mine. I burn’t myself more times then I can count. It was hard to get the fabric to stay on.

What did I discover?…

I found out that nobody should trust me with a hot glue gun…. But I also think that we should have just sewed everything together. It would have worked better than glue.

Elections Reflection

What I learned about Provincial Government was… 

I learned how to use the ballets and how to properly vote. I also learned that it goes by number of votes and in other countries everyone has to agree.

What I learned about each party was…

Liberal: The leader of Liberal is David Swan. I don’t really like David Swan because we watched a video of him and he had to read off of his phone. I don’t really know any of the Liberal members.

NDP: The leader of NDP is Rachel Notley. I like Rachel Notley because she is really open and truthful about how she will lead our province. She knows what shes doing and she knows how to do it right. I like how she talks about putting money towards education, teachers, and staff. I personally like her because she knows how to use her money appropriately. I also like Trevor Horne so he and she make me want to trust them.

Progressive Conservative: The leader of Progressive Conservative is Jim Prentice. I know that the leader before Jim Prentice was Alison Redferd and she decided to spend all of the government money on fancy things for herself. Personally I don’t like PC because after what happened their not very trustworthy anymore. But in Jim Prentice is not someone I would want to lead our Province. The other members of the party are also not trustworthy because they went along with Alison Redferd and her ideas. Even though their are new candidates I still wouldn’t trust them. Jim Prentice doesn’t really have much more to say, he says the same things over again. I don’t think they will follow through with their plans.

The Wild Rose: The leader of Wild Rose is Brian Jean. I don’t really know about the Wild Rose or Brian Jean. He seems like a good candidate and he would be good to lead Alberta. I didn’t vote for him because I don’t know much about him and I would want someone I understand, and know more about to lead our province.


The issues that are most important to me are…

I think the most important issue is children’s education, because every child/teenager should live a normal life. Everyone should be treated fairly no matter what gender, race, culture, etc. Everyone should get the education they need. School and education is a way to have and support a family. You go to school and eventually find a job, that gives you money to feed and help your family live. Every province, Country, and State should have the intentions they need.


I voted for….because…

I voted for NDP, Rachel Notley because as I said she an be trusted and I think she will go along with her plans. She played it fair and overall she got a vote from me.


Guided Reading- Tiger By The Tail

I am reading Tiger By The Tail. Today I read page 50-81. In my book Sarah and Nickolas went back to                       Mr. McCurdy’s house and they found tiger foot prints. They went to find Mr. McCurdy and he was sitting in a chair and they thought he was dead but he was just sleeping.  They decided to go search for the tiger, so they drove off in the car.

Character: I think that Nickolas has a sneaky, curious, and brave attitude. Sarah has a scared, nervous, and growly attitude. Mr. McCurdy has a grumpy, nice, and dont care kind of attitude.

Setting: The setting of my book is a barn, and haunted house.

Theme: The theme of my book is circus and animals. It is also a mix of the haunted barn.

Guided Reading- April 27th

Prediction: I think that Nickolas and Sarah are going to keep coming back to Mr. McCurdy’s barn and he is going to show them more animals and teach them things about the circus. I also predict that Sarah and Nicholas are going to help him put on one last show.

Theme: The theme of my book is the circus and animals. I know that’s the theme because Mr. McCurdy is talking about when he was in the circus and he is showing them the circus animals.

Setting: The setting that I read today was the old house. It has table with four chairs, and a black stove in the corner of the kitchen. The front door is a screen door and is old and worn out.

Character: The character that I want to talk about is Mr. McCurdy. Me and him are similar because we both love animals, and we feel the same way about them.

Text To World Connection: In Tiger By The Tail the setting is an old barn and an old house out in the country. That setting is similar to BarrHead because by my grandmas house there is an old barn and an old house just down the road.

Guided Reading Reflection

I am now reading Tiger By The Tail, because I wasn’t interested in The Sign of The Beaver. I just started it today and i read pages 1-20, and 2 chapters. So far in my book this girl named Sarah, and her younger brother named Nicholas. They go on a walk and there is a big storm. They run through the muddy field and go into a barn. They get into the barn and go to the lower layer. There is hay all over the floor and Sarah saw a snake. She backs up against the wall and a tiger is in a stall behind her. She drops onto her hands and knees in terror and then looks up to see an old man. He gets Sarah and Nickolas to come into his house and is gonna deal with them.

Triskster Reflection

Team Work- I think that our team work was pretty good. Our collaboration really showed when we were working together to make the Christmas tree. The only thing that brought me down was all the teasing, when I held hands with Jacob and we spun, but it didn’t bother me that much cause it was fun. When were planning our play, there were a lot of ideas shared. We all agreed on one and then got started.

Overall- Personally I think that it went pretty well! Our transitions were smooth, and we all spoke loud. I rally liked James, he was fun and open to ideas. The theme was a bit weird. I didn’t really understand why we had Christmas and romance in it when our theme was Poaching. Our props were creative, I liked how we used noodles for the fish, Christmas tree, and bow’n arrows.

Changes- If we were to change anything, I would make it more understanding, it was a little to jumpy. Other then that it was fun and easy!

Guided Reading Response

My Guided Reading book is called  The Sign of The Beaver. I read from page 1-10 and chapter 1-3. I finished Ticket To Curlew so i’m just starting this book.

Prediction#1: I think Matt is going to meet a boy, and the boy is gonna teach him things.

Prediction#2: I also think Matt is going to hunt for Beavers.

Character: My main character is Matt. He has blond hair and is always looking for things to do. Matt has a lot of emotions, he was scared because of his father leaving, excited to go hunting, and curious to find out what he might find.

Setting: The small wooden cabin is surrounded by tall, green trees. The sky is blue, and the nature is full of life.

Trickster Theatre- Poaching

Our topic is Poaching. Poaching is illegal hunting, and killing animals illegally. They hunt animals such as Elephants, Tigers, Rhinoceros, Tibetan Antelopes, Sturgeon or Paddlefish, Gorillas, Porbeagle, Spiny Dogfish, Red and Pink Coral, European Eel, Great Apes, Sea Turtles, and Blue Whale. The people who are involved in Poaching are bad people. Hunters, and Animals are involved with Poaching.