LA: Harris Burdick Short Story

Today we started our new Unit in LA which is a SHORT STORY inspired by the mysterious illustrations and story of HARRIS BURDICK. To re-read the story, click here.

Students will have the rest of the week to work on their first draft of their short story. If it is not finished on Friday, they will need to finish it for homework over the weekend.

Monday and Tuesday will be given next week to type their story on Chrome Books, with the final copy being handed in on FRIDAY (Jan 23).

I am really excited to read the stories you come up with! Happy Writing!

Copies of the assignment, planner and larger format pictures ca n be found here.  Harris Burdick photo prompt assignment Harris Burdick planning

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

We are now finished up to Chapter 8 in our novel study.



LA: Spooky Stories

We have been working on a Spooky Story Descriptive Writing Unit in LA for the past few weeks.

This week we are working on our final culminating spooky story. 

A typed version of the story needs to be completed and shared with me on Google Docs by Saturday at midnight – so I can edit and provide feedback for after fall break.

Musical Theatre Showcase

On Wednesday, we will be going to Horizon Stage to watch the Musical Theatre Performance. 

music tree

The cost of this production was not included in the school fees at the start of school, so we are asking that students bring a small donation to help support the performing arts program at Woodhaven.