The Power of Sharing

We were extremely excited to see an outside educator talk about the sharing that is happening so openly at Parkland School Division recently on the 184 project.  Kurtis Hewson, an educator and professor at the University of Lethbridge, recently talked about the influence Parkland’s open learning model has had on his own professional development.

 I have never set foot in a Parkland School Division School.

To my knowledge, I have never physically met a teacher working in a PSD70 school.  I have never attended a professional development session hosted by a Parkland staff member or had any friends or family members attend Parkland schools, past or present.

Yet, Parkland School Division has had a tremendous impact on my growth and development as an educator over the past year and a half and its staff and students collectively continue to influence my teaching and learning.

We are very proud not only of the work that we have done in Parkland, but our open learning model and willingness to share.  Our Learning Leader Project is now fully underway, and traditionally, we would hold on to that work (unintentionally) and have it only shared with PSD70 Educators, but now it is open to the entire world.  Parents, students, and educators from all over the world do not only have access to the information, but they are more than welcome to use it and modify it in a way that works best for their kids.  When we share, we can also learn from others in what they do with our work, and it helps us to continuously create better learning opportunities for our students.  It is always about relationships and learning, and through this sharing, we know that we can improve both.

Kurtis continues on in his post to talk about this open learning and how it is transforming education:

Parkland staff represent a large percentage of my current Professional Learning Network on Twitter.  I follow a number of PSD blogs and I am accessing resources suggested by my PSD colleagues daily.  At a time when many school divisions are still ensnared in Digital Footprint 2.0 mindsets, Parkland strives to push the boundaries in how technology can support purposeful learning for students, staff, community and the greater educational community.

We are honoured that another educator has recognized the work that Parkland School Division has been doing.  We are taught in kindergarten that sharing is important, and in Parkland, we will continue to model that for our community, local and global, and most importantly, to our kids.

Thank you Kurtis for your kind words.  Hopefully we can continue to collaborate, create, and learn together.

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  1. Carlene says:

    What a great tribute to Parkland School Division. I had read Mr. Hewson’s blog post on the 184 project and was not surprised that he has found inspiration in the Learning Network surrounding Parkland School Division. I have found the same as a home educator involved in the Stony Creek Program in the Division. On a daily basis I find inspiration, ideas and motivation to become a better educator for my child and the students at Stony Creek.

    What truly amazes me, however, is the openness within the Division. It used to be that educators kept many of their resources, innovation and information to themselves. This has shifted, but not everywhere. Parkland School Division serves as a great example of how we are all enriched when learning is transparent and openly shared.

    I have connected several educators outside of PSD to the great work that is being done here, and I know they have found the same as Mr. Hewson and myself. A willingness to step outside of the norm and explore innovation, a commitment to the personal learning of educators, and an openness in sharing this with others.

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