Message from the Board Chair (January 2012)

Welcome to 2012. What will the New Year hold for education in Alberta, for our students, employees and community? Normally over the Christmas season we make wishes for Christmas and resolutions for the New Year, but as we move into 2012 wouldn’t it be great if:

  • Every child in Parkland School Division had the best learning year of his or her life.
  • A new school was announced to accommodate overcrowding issues in east parkland.
  • A new government committed to education as its top priority, solidifying Alberta’s place as a world leader in preparing the new leaders of the global community.
  • Adequate, predictable, sustainable education funding would allow for long term planning and goal setting.
  • A new Education Act empowered school boards and communities to make the best decisions at the local level.

It is clear that 2012 will be a watershed year in education. As teachers and parents strive to prepare our children for successful and productive adulthood in an increasingly global and changing community, the traditional face of education will change. We must be prepared to accept the fact that ‘schooling’ plays only part of the role of preparing our children for their future. The face of education is changing and will continue to change. We must be prepared to value this change as a whole community, embracing the new reality of life in the twenty first century, while offering constructive, critical thought on the value of these changes.

So, the Trustees on the Board look forward to the exciting challenges and possibilities ahead. On behalf of the Board, I wish each and every student, parent, employee and community member the most prosperous New Year.

Richard Gilchrist
Board Chair – Parkland School Division

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