Shaping the Future …. Future

Wow – what an amazing weekend.  I’m on my way home from the fabulous experience of the “Shaping the Future” conference in Kananaskis and I’m feeling so inspired and excited about the future.

(As an aside, PSD had the largest group representation at the conference, 41, and everyone of them were rock stars. I feel especially proud. )

Now – about the conference.

I haven’t been to this conference before and my impressions going into it were that the focus was going to be on health – and I had a traditional interpretation of health (nutrition, exercise, rest and cleanliness primarily) but I was so wrong.  This conference was about quality of life, and changing the way we do business – a call to action to take care of ourselves so that we become empowered to provide leadership and an example for the important children and youth in our world today.  It was the importance of learning how to live life to its fullest and having the ability to embrace anything that you wanted to embrace just because you could if you take care of yourself.

I was hooked and as I listened to speaker after speaker I felt compelled to spread the word – it was infectious.  I captured profound quotes in my notes and wanted to share them so I highlighted them as possible “Tweets”.  As my enthusiasm grew I reached out to Felicia and Archie, showed them some of these thoughts and asked them to tweet them out.  I heard from George – a gentle little push, my conscious calling.  “Yahoo, Dianne we are waiting to hear from you!!”  I told him I needed to review my notes, edit the possible tweets, vet them and then move them to publication.  Oh boy….. the road to becoming a “tweeter” is longer for some than others, slower for some than others and for some they are probably going to find other ways to be sharing and connecting.

The big take away for me from this conference is that we have to ramp up our intention of changing the way we do business.  The lives of our students’ depend on it.  PSD is off to a great start.  We have created a platform based on Martin Brokenleg’s work of the “Circle of Courage” and our commitment to embracing the principles and ideals of implementing an inclusive education system.  We are serious about creating environments where all of our students feel that they belong, are welcomed and have opportunities to feel valued and have a contribution to make but I’m wondering when what we know is going to start changing what we do?  When are those important aspects of wellness (physical and emotional healthy living) going to be the normal way we live and work in our schools?

I know I’m all in and I’ve made a promise to myself that starting today. I am going to be more intentional about making the choices that I need to make to enhance my own quality of life.  I’m going to begin a Shaping the Future …. future journey beginning with an exercise of being clear about where I am going and what I need to do to get there.  I am going to step back from making assumptions and judging and I am going to show caring behavior.

I am going to look carefully at my job and find ways to practically apply the things I learned at this conference to influence the PSD journey and lead the changes that we need to make to ensure that our students get to have a life that allows them to do whatever they desire.  Please join me so that you also can be part of the Shaping the Future…future.


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  1. Tammie Sarauer says:

    Having been at the conference myself I can echo your thoughts Dianne. I too wrote down powerful nuggets of wisdom. The conference has inspired me to be more present and to “stray off the beaten path” to find more authentic and innovative ways to find my own “vehicle” and inspire others. Great people, great learning, great conference!

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