Sharing as the Default

In Parkland School Division we believe we are all learners.  Each one of us challenges ourselves to do the best we can to create a world that truly opens up for our youth, for our future leaders.  True change means as leaders together we must strive to create a culture where we share our learning so innovative practices can flourish.   Collectively we can have an impact on the future  and create  an environment where our children are developing key 21 St century skills and competencies; where our children have s strong literacy and numeracy base; where we have engaged ethical citizens with entrepreneurial spirit.  In PSD I am proud to say sharing our learning, creating a culture of innovation continues to grow.  This can be seen through recent sharing and tweets from PSD’s attendance at the  #NCTCA2015 convention


Teachers sharing what they are learning…

Teachers presenting at convention 

The importance of change from Hayley Wickenheiser

As always, I am proud of our school division for being one that constantly shares their learning with others and models the idea of, “where the world opens up”.

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