Spelling Words May 27 – 31


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
out chance sees subway frighten microwave net
how move seize combine capitalize megaphone symmetrical
cloud please sweet propel classify supermarket line of symmetry
clown freeze suite enable sweeten hyperactive
growl prince creak submarine civilize megalopolis
round leave creek company simplify microscope
down tease dear promote forbidden superhero
scout seize deer encourage dampen hyperventilate
ground dance cheap subtitle analyze hyperbole
brown twelve cheep compound summarize megadose
owl choose seen provider apologize microsurgery
found snooze scene endanger falsify superhuman
shout glance meet submerge purify hypersensitive
south prove meat comrade memorize superstar
through house feet progress idolize microcosm

Spelling Words – May 6 – May 10


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
whole knife rained present safe suffice economy
bowl write snowed desert safety sufficient agriculture
stole gnat screamed record active preside drought
choke knack mailed permit activity president diversity
cloak wrap waited rebel special metallic
point gnaw loaded subject specialty metal
join rap needed object festive wise
moist ring twisted conduct festivity wisdom
broil known picked export casual inspire
boy wring jumped produce casualty inspiration
joy gnome walked reject tranquil habit
toy knot asked contract transquilty habitat
noise wreck handed certain mandate
choice knight missed
noun and verb meanings
certainty mandatory
voice wrong turned sensitive narrate
sensitivity narrative

Spelling Words April 29 – May 3


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
turn out girls berry imaginary personal adaptation
burn how classes bury bravery personality germination
hurt cloud plants vary category local
church clown months very secretary locality
sure growl dishes weather machinery hostile
cure round bosses whether directory hostility
pure down badges there stationery formal
lure scout houses they’re necessary formality
curve ground pages board mystery original
nurse brown pieces bored victory originality
purse owl stitches chews century general
curse found coaches choose stationary generality
surf shout boxes flour grocery individual
curl south wishes flower scenery individuality
were through flashes hire February mobile
higher mobility

Spelling Words April 22-26


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
form watch couldn’t darkness speaker volcano pistil
storm small who’s graceful creator volcanic pollination
north thought could’ve homeless guardian compose anther
more walk they’ll carelessness artist composition dispersal
store salt weren’t kindness traveler conspire
shore wash doesn’t thoughtful visitor conspiracy
sore though where’s restless historian compete
board calm what’s thankfulness finalist competition
roar bought should’ve happiness defender define
soar chalk might’ve dreadful director definition
work stall this’ll plentiful Australian reside
world swap who’ll harmless specialist resident
flour cough don’t penniless believer invite
four almost here’s peacefulness survivor invitation
door also would’ve illness librarian serene

Spelling Words April 8 – 12


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
her whole catch sunny subway sign propagation
perch bowl reach slowly combine signature seed
clerk stole lunch happily propel design photosynthesis
hear choke pitch daily enable designate
spear cloak screech breezy submarine bomb
dear point torch clearly company bombard
deer join which smoothly promote muscle
steer moist sketch quietly encourage muscular
cheer broil coach easily subtitle resign
heard boy bench noisily compound resignation
earth joy much angrily provider column
learn toy switch misty endanger columnist
germ noise rich chilly submerge crumb
there choice beach dimly comrade crumble
here voice branch lazily progress hasten

Spelling Words April 1 – 5


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
part turn edge unicycle ocean information cutting
care burn age bicycle continent organization tuber
hair hurt charge tricycle geography application runner
start church sponge quadrangle island addition bulb
stare sure bulge united hemisphere consideration
pair cure bridge unique environment relaxation
sharp pure stage uniform Europe identification
bare lure change bisect Atlantic expectation
chair curve judge bilingual Antarctica imagination
shark nurse huge trilogy peninsula edition
fare purse pledge tripod equator presentation
stair curse surge pentagon tropical starvation
bear surf ridge October America memorization
where curl plunge octopus Pacific quotation
heart were cage universe Australia justification

Spelling Words March 11 – 15


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
quick girl card disagree present invent cog
quit first city misspell desert invention gear
white thirst gave preschool record magic fulcrum
twice whirl giant dislike permit magician lever
might third code mistreat rebel digest
flight chirp centre preview subject digestion
why fire guess dishonest object music
cry wire gem misjudge conduct musician
sky hire cart pretest export suggest
try drier circle disappear produce suggestion
sigh pliers guide misplace reject electric
write flier gym precaution contract electrician
right twirl calf discover
know both noun and verb meanings
live fur cease mismatch prevention
bright their guilt precious distort

Spelling Words March 4 – 8


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
thumb her throw rebuild berry collect symbolism
brush perch throne unable bury collection submerge
stuck clerk through recopy vary express overwhelm
new hear threat unfair very expression compelled
grew spear shriek recycle weather protect
knew dear shrink unequal whether protection
flew deer shrimp review there discuss
crew steer squish rewrite they’re discussion
glue cheer squeeze unselfish board oppress
blue heard squash uncertain bored oppression
true earth squeak reuse chews construct
truth learn shrunk retrace choose construction
do germ thrill unusual flour impress
sew there squirt uncle flower impression
trunk here three reptile hire possess
higher possession

Spelling Words February 25 – 28


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
rail part knife athlete darkness frighten depleted
read care write pilgrim graceful capitalize navigate
need hair gnat create homeless classify ajar
pea start knack control carelessness sweeten provoke
toast stare wrap complete kindness civilize
sail pair gnaw children thoughtful simplify
deaf sharp rap poet restless forbidden
cheek bare ring duet thankfulness dampen
read chair known mushroom happiness analyze
coast shark wring kitchen dreadful summarize
wait fare gnome trial plentiful apologize
mean stair knot poem harmless falsify
sheep bear wreck English penniless purify
leak where knight hundred peacefulness memorize
moan heart wrong cruel illness idolize