Classroom bloggers!

We ran 1000 metres on the track for gym  but actually we ran 4 laps around the track.

It was fun but tiring tho it was very fun. I ran faster than all the boys and also the girls too.  

By Olivia R.

We ran a 1000 metres and We have 5 days off! Science test on Thursday. Make sure you bring back your science notebook. Remembrance is tomorrow!

By Dante R.


FALL BREAK on Friday, ends on Tuesday. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL! Have fun on fall break.

By Luke V.

Science test on Thursday bring science notebook back. Shoebox collection over. We ran 1000 metres. Fall break Friday-Tuesday.

By Sawyer W.

Remember Remembrance Day on Thursday and wear black or red and wear something neat. There’s also the Christmas concert the 13th. Look your best too.

By Alia S.

Yesterday we ran 1000 metres. It was hard but, we did it.We had about 20 minutes to do it. We also did 4 laps.       

By Logan K.

Remembrance day. Assembly on Thursday in the gym and we will be singing. Fall break make sure you don’t go to school on Friday -Tuesday!

By Dominick C.

Christmas concert December 13th.We will be singing a song with the other grade 3 class. Please come.

By Diezel C.

Box collection is over.

Christmas concert

The Christmas concert on December 13th we can’t wait for the Christmas concert we think everyone will wear a fancy outfit.  

By Katie D.