Quick update for this last week before the break

IXL Math

Unfortunately I will not be ordering a subscription to this program. There are a few students who have been using it at home, but not in the numbers that would justify using such a large portion of our classroom budget. I will keep you posted on other online math programs we may try.

In-School Field Trip

We have another in-school field trip on December 22nd, from 9 to 11:00. We need four parent volunteers to assist with stations. Please let me know ASAP if you would be able to lend some of your time for this activity. Volunteers will need to be here by 8:45.

Christmas Party

We will be having a small classroom celebration on the 23rd. I will supply snacks (popcorn twists and rice krispy squares) for the movie. Mrs. Firmaniuk has offered to bring mandarin oranges and a veggie tray. If you would like to send any other healthy snacks please let me know. We’ll be celebrating after lunch recess and watching a movie in the afternoon.


I try to have plastic cutlery available in the classroom for those days when students are missing them from their lunches, however I have run out. If anyone has some leftover from a function please feel to send them our way, we will use them!

Toys from Home

I have asked the class not to bring lego from home. I do have lego here, which they can play with at free time and indoor recesses. It causes a bit a confusion at clean-up time if there is lego from home in the room.

Thank you for your support at home! As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Mrs. A Schulte

Math Chapter 3

Dear Families,

Over the next four weeks, your child will be adding and subtracting one-digit numbers and two-digit numbers using a variety of strategies. Your child will be reviewing basic addition and subtraction facts and then learning how the facts are related. Many new addition and subtraction strategies will be introduced, such as using a 100 cart and using mental math. Your child will have several opportunities to connect and apply addition and subtraction to real-life situations.

To reinforce the concepts your child is learning at school, you and your child can work on some at-home activities such as these:

  • At a store, find two items that cost under $1 and help your child use mental math or another strategy to figure out the total cost of the two items.
  • Roll two dice to create a two-digit number, and then roll again to create a second two-digit number. Have your child add the two numbers and then subtract the two numbers. Before subtracting, remind your child to subtract the lower number from the higher number.
  • Have your child describe the situations they might encounter in everyday life that involve adding and subtracting two-digit numbers. Examples might include buying lunch at school, shopping at the grocery store, or determining the total cost of books at a bookstore.

You may want to visit the Nelson website, under the Math Resources tab, for more suggestions to help your child learn mathematics and develop a positive attitude towards learning mathematics. As well, you can check the Nelson website for links to other websites that provide online tutorials, math problems, brainteasers, and challenges.

Classroom Bloggers

This week we stayed inside except one recces. And we have new student helpers. We finished our second unit of math.

By Brennan A.


We decorated the classroom this weekend.🏒  For the Christmas contest.🎿  I hope we win.⛄🎄❄

By Jimmy E.


This week we got stuck in the snow and we have a Christmas concert. We are decorating the classroom, we have a new classroom assistants they are Aysha and Jasey. We have a play. We have leader of the pack. We have rehearsal Monday during school.

By Xander W.


This week we stayed inside except for one recess.  We had free time instead.

By Jackson F.


We could not go outside. So we stayed inside. And inside we had free time.

By Ryder J.


This week we had to stay inside because it was too cold. We had to stay in for two recesses. That sucks.

By Kyle J.


In one week we will be doing a Christmas concert. We practiced really hard so,it should be a really good concert. We tried hard.

By Logan K.


Christmas concert is on Tuesday Dec. 13. There is going to be a play, there will be elves and Santa and Mrs. Claus.

By Dominick C.

The Christmas concert is Dec 13, 2016. It will be so fun there is going to be a play, we are so excited. The play is called Santa and the star search.  We are all so excited.

By Katie D.

We had fun decorating the classroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We even got a mini Christmas tree hahahaha!!!!!!!!!! And we were challenged by the grade 6th.
By Addison C.

Stuck inside Brrr… We got to stay inside this week. I got to play track wars and lego. It was fun.

By Cole D.

We stayed inside except for one recess, we had fun. We were stuck inside brrr… We all wore warm clothes  and it was so much fun.

By Olivia R.

This week we are going to do the Christmas concert!

By Sydnie H.

This week we were stuck inside all week, we only got play outside one time. Christmas concert on Dec. the 13, please come. We decorating our class this week.

By Dante R.

Christmas concert on Tuesday Dec 13. at the gym, there is going to be lots of decorations. Also the grade two and three are performing a play called Santa and the star search. Hope you can make it to the concert and the play. And the leader of the pack, we start with 15 stars.

By Chloe B.

We were stuck inside all week. New classroom assists. We are decorating the classroom.   🏁
By Sawyer W.

Tis the Season!

Hello Families!

The class is hard at work changing the room into a winter wonderland. If you have any old decorations taking up space please feel free to send them to school! I’m sure the kids will be able to find a way to put them all to great use as we decorate the classroom.

Thanks in advance!

Also, If your child came home with an extra pair of hockey gloves please let me know ASAP, we had a pair go missing after the field trip on Friday.