In an effort to support the Muir Lake Community School Foundation Spell-A-Thon, all spelling groups will be studying the word list for grade three! We will be testing on these words on April 5th. Please see the message below for more information on the Spell-A-Thon.

afraid number half
afternoon opened important
because point kind
chair really learn
different several light
does special yesterday
enough thought money
favourite usually
great within

Our Muir Lake School Community Foundation has kicked off the annual school Spell-A-Thon. All spell-a-thon money raised this year will be put toward the purchase & installation of new hydraulic basketball hoops. The school uses them all year by all classes and they need to be replaced. Approximately $34,000 will be needed for this project.

Each student from kindergarten to grade 6 will be bringing home a list of words, chosen by their teacher, and a pledge form. They will then practice their word list and go out and collect pledges from family and friends for the spell-a-thon. They may collect money for each word that they spell correctly or may collect a flat amount. The information letter, word lists & pledge form is also available by clicking HERE.

Tests will be administered by the teachers the week of April 3 to 10 and pledge forms and money will then be collected by the students and are due in to the office by April 21st. The final totals and all grand prize winners will be announced and handed out at an assembly on April 27. Other prizes will be distributed to students in their classrooms.

This year the prize levels will be as follows:

  • Level 1 Prize: $1 – $19.99 raised will earn PRIZE!
  • Level 2 Prize: $20-$49.99 raised will earn swimming pass!
  • Level 3 Prize: $50-$99.99 raised will earn a prize!
  • Level 4 Prize: $100 and over raised will earn a child’s movie pass!

Top prizes include 3 family adventures!

  • The top fundraiser for the school will win one of these prizes.
  • In addition, there will be 2 draws for the remaining students who have raised more than $100:
  • 1 for Kindergarten to Grade 3 students and 1 for grade 3-6 students:
  • Every student who raises $100-$150 will receive one entry into the draw
  • Every student who raises $151-$200 will receive two entries into the draw
  • Every student who raises over $200 will receive three entries into the draw

***Top fundraiser is not eligible to enter the draw for the second top prize****

The top 2 fundraising classes will receive a treat for the class.

As the Muir Lake Community School Foundation is a registered charity, tax receipts can be issued for a donation over $20 so please be sure to include your email address on the pledge form in order to receive your tax receipt.

If you have questions please contact the School Foundation via email at Muirlakefoundation@gmail.com.

Good luck and Thank You for supporting our Fundraiser!

Muir Lake Community School Foundation

New math unit!

Dear Families,

Over the next few weeks, your child will be learning about adding and subtracting two- and three-digit numbers. This includes learning how to estimate sums and differences, visualizing moves on a number line or grid to calculate sums and differences, and exploring ways to add and subtract two-digit and three-digit numbers. Your child will build communication skills by explaining strategies used to solve addition and subtraction problems.

To reinforce the concepts your child is learning at school, you and your child can work on some at-home activities such as these:

  • Practise estimating the differences in ages among family members. Your child can explore and apply his or her personal strategies.
  • Have your child create a plan someone could follow to do about 500 minutes of exercise over one week. List some different activities, and let your child decide how many minutes to spend on each activity. Check to make sure the sum is close to 500.
  • Compare prices of objects with your child. For example, figure out how much more a $227 bicycle costs than a $198 bicycle. Use whole number amounts only.

You may want to visit the Nelson website at www.nelson.com/mathfocus for more suggestions to help your child learn mathematics and develop a positive attitude toward learning mathematics. As well, you can check the Nelson website for links to other websites that provide online tutorials, math problems, brainteasers, and challenges.

Spelling words for test on March 22, 2017

Blue Green Purple
fruit form get
food storm swim
cube north run
from more shut
smooth store getting
crust shore swimming
bump sore running
dude board shutting
broom roar ask
tooth soar stand
juice work pass
suit world pick
build word asking
skunk flour standing
four passing
door picking

Volunteers needed

We have another in-school field trip on Friday March  17th, from 9 to 11:00. We still need two more parent volunteers to assist with stations. Please let me know ASAP if you would be able to lend some of your time for this activity. Volunteers will need to be here by 8:45.

Spelling words for test on March 8, 2017

Blue Green Purple
black her sees
flash perch seen
camp clerk sweet
space hear cheep
frame spear creek
place dear steel
blame deer deer
brain steer seas
paint cheer cheap
train heard creak
chain earth steal
faint learn dear
said there seize
want here scene