New math unit!

Dear Families,

Over the next few weeks, your child will be learning about adding and subtracting two- and three-digit numbers. This includes learning how to estimate sums and differences, visualizing moves on a number line or grid to calculate sums and differences, and exploring ways to add and subtract two-digit and three-digit numbers. Your child will build communication skills by explaining strategies used to solve addition and subtraction problems.

To reinforce the concepts your child is learning at school, you and your child can work on some at-home activities such as these:

  • Practise estimating the differences in ages among family members. Your child can explore and apply his or her personal strategies.
  • Have your child create a plan someone could follow to do about 500 minutes of exercise over one week. List some different activities, and let your child decide how many minutes to spend on each activity. Check to make sure the sum is close to 500.
  • Compare prices of objects with your child. For example, figure out how much more a $227 bicycle costs than a $198 bicycle. Use whole number amounts only.

You may want to visit the Nelson website at for more suggestions to help your child learn mathematics and develop a positive attitude toward learning mathematics. As well, you can check the Nelson website for links to other websites that provide online tutorials, math problems, brainteasers, and challenges.

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