New math unit!

Dear Families,

Over the next two weeks, your child will be learning about multiplication facts to 5 x 5. Your child will connect multiplication with repeated addition, equal groups, and skip counting. Your child will then present visual models of multiplication through words, pictures, and arrays.

To reinforce the concepts your child is learning at school, you and your child can work on some at-home activities such as these:

  • Your child can practise skip counting using coins. Use nickels or groups of pennies to practise skip counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s.
  • Place a carton of a dozen eggs on the table. Discuss the various ways to make equal groups with the eggs. Your child may want to draw a model for each grouping on paper.
  • Create a set of cards with a repeated addition sentence on one side and the equivalent multiplication sentence on the other side. Use products up to 5 x 5. Make sure to include both orders of factors; for example, 2 x 3 and 3 x 2. Hold up the side with the repeated addition to your child so that your child can state the full multiplication ┬ásentence for each card. Repeat this exercise when time allows.

You may want to visit the Nelson website at for more suggestions to help your child learn mathematics and develop a positive attitude toward learning mathematics. As well, you can check the Nelson website for links to other websites that provide online tutorials, math problems, brainteasers, and challenges.