Spelling Words May 27 – 31


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
out chance sees subway frighten microwave net
how move seize combine capitalize megaphone symmetrical
cloud please sweet propel classify supermarket line of symmetry
clown freeze suite enable sweeten hyperactive
growl prince creak submarine civilize megalopolis
round leave creek company simplify microscope
down tease dear promote forbidden superhero
scout seize deer encourage dampen hyperventilate
ground dance cheap subtitle analyze hyperbole
brown twelve cheep compound summarize megadose
owl choose seen provider apologize microsurgery
found snooze scene endanger falsify superhuman
shout glance meet submerge purify hypersensitive
south prove meat comrade memorize superstar
through house feet progress idolize microcosm

Spelling Words – May 6 – May 10


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
whole knife rained present safe suffice economy
bowl write snowed desert safety sufficient agriculture
stole gnat screamed record active preside drought
choke knack mailed permit activity president diversity
cloak wrap waited rebel special metallic
point gnaw loaded subject specialty metal
join rap needed object festive wise
moist ring twisted conduct festivity wisdom
broil known picked export casual inspire
boy wring jumped produce casualty inspiration
joy gnome walked reject tranquil habit
toy knot asked contract transquilty habitat
noise wreck handed certain mandate
choice knight missed
noun and verb meanings
certainty mandatory
voice wrong turned sensitive narrate
sensitivity narrative