Spelling Words January 14-18


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red Vocab
hike seem turn play disagree speaker factor
awake eat burn stay misspell creator product
shake sweep hurt cry preschool guardian perimeter
mistake clean church try dislike artist area
soak been sure plays mistreat traveler
streak teach cure stays preview visitor
break next pure cries dishonest historian
shack teeth lure tries misjudge finalist
check week curve played pretest defender
clock weak nurse stayed disappear director
stick speak purse cried misplace Australian
track less curse tried precaution specialist
brick heat surf playing discover believer
cake green curl staying mismatch survivor
book leaf were crying precious librarian

Spelling Words December 17 – 21

Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red
much globe girl sleep voyage subway
just wrote first keep drowsy combine
use close thirst slide country propel
jump froze whirl shine destroy enable
such coal third slept about submarine
shut coach chirp kept amount company
cube roast fire slid appoint promote
rude throw wire shone trouble encourage
cute show hire sweep county subtitle
tune know drier swept loyal compound
tube snow pliers drive poison provider
huge drop flier drove noisy endanger
plus roam twirl say power submerge
hunt whose fur said coward comrade
put knock their throw southern progress

Spelling Words December 10-14

Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red
home black her hop needle ocean
note flash perch grab feather continent
hope space clerk stir succeed geography
box frame hear drop season island
fox rain spear hope increase hemisphere
bond tail dear save leather environment
stomp said deer score compete Europe
some what steer name pleasant Atlantic
come camp cheer join healthy Antartica
slope tale heard wait extreme peninsula
done place earth shout steady equator
broke chain learn pass freedom tropical
phone paint germ want heavy America
smoke blame there mix fifteen Pacific
love faint here chew people Australia

Spelling Words December 3 – 7

Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red
which hike part setting include thief
this awake care cutting useful seize
like shake hair grinning refuse receive
five mistake start hiking doodle neighbour
white soak stare moving reduce shield
swim streak pair living shampoo weird
gift break sharp having fewer deceive
spill shack bare joking chewy weigh
drive check chair reading toothache mischief
while clock shark floating excuse reign
dice stick fare working pollute belief
prize track stair feeling beauty neither
nine brick bear screaming jewel sleigh
nice cake where fixing raccoon receipt
give book heart going Tuesday grief

Spelling Words Nov. 26-30

Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red
last drove film use toaster present
glass taste fist close explode desert
snap trade find write hostess record
grass twice wild trade compose permit
hand guide lost using owner rebel
fast phone moth closing remote subject
ask those most writing approach object
make wrote told trading erode conduct
rake stop wind eat postage export
came path child dream soapy produce
whale flat soft clean coaster reject
made kept cold mail Europe contract
page spot both eating alone
gate crash roll dreaming decode
noun and verb meanings of each word
what hope blind cleaning lower

Spelling Words for Nov. 5 – Nov. 9

Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red
bank home thumb die rainbow darkness
thank note brush dye awake graceful
prank hope stuck right painter homeless
blank box new write contain carelessness
sank fox grew board today kindness
think bond knew bored crayon thoughtful
sink stomp flew rose mayor restless
rink for crew rows mistake thankfulness
drink from glue groan again happiness
stink slope blue grown pavement dreadful
junk done true sighed basement plentiful
sunk broke truth side chocolate harmless
shrunk phone do by amaze penniless
trunk smoke sew buy escape peacefulness
stunk love trunk bye remain illness

Spelling Words 10/29


Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red
bang which rail sees hoping braver
fang this read seize hopping bravest
rang like need sweet cleaned happier
clang five pea suite quoted happiest
king white toast creak wrapped calmer
thing swim sail creek greeted strongest
bring gift deaf dear shouting weakest
spring spill cheek deer winning cooler
long drive read cheap saving crazier
strong while coast cheep skated easiest
song dice wait seen letting dirtiest
sung prize meant scene needed stronger
swung nine sheep meet nodded prettier
stung nice leak meat telling hotter
clung give moan feet floated hottest

Spelling Words October 22-26

Orange Yellow Blue Green Purple Red
kick last seem daze athlete sunny
trick glass eat days pilgrim slowly
quick snap sweep bear create happily
stick grass clean bare control daily
thick hand been wait complete breezy
back fast teach weight children clearly
black ask next break poet smoothly
quack make teeth brake duet quietly
snack rake week way mushroom easily
dock came weak weight kitchen noisily
clock whale speak ate trial angrily
shock made less eight poem misty
luck page heat pare English chilly
pluck gate green pair hundred dimly
truck what leaf pear cruel lazily