Science Resources

Grade 4 

Light and Shadows

PowerKnowledge: All About Light  PowerKnowledge has 11 sections on light. Videos, web links, games, listen feature, and a list of science experiments are included.

Light and Shadows

How We See Things

Waste and Our World


Wheel and Levers

Building Devices and Vehicles that Move


Plant Growth and Changes

Grade 3

Animal Life Cycles

All About Life Cycles

Frog Metamorphosis

Bird Life Cycle


Painted Lady Butterfly

Dog Life Cycle

Dog Life Cycle Video

Cat Life Cycle Video

Testing Materials and Design

Energy Skate Park

Loads Lab

Forces Lab

Sorting and Using Materials

Grouping and Changing Materials


Build a Bridge

Rocks and Minerals

Earth’s Structure

What’s inside the earth? Learn about the different parts of the earth.

The Earth’s Crust

Description of the parts of the earth

Neo 12K with Videos

Various videos and activities to do with earth science.

Rocks for Kids

Rock Hound Kids

Rock Game

PowerKnowledge Earth Space Center