Quote Reflection- G.R.A., Fish In A Tree

Hello readers,

Today I will be reflecting on a quote from our Global Read Aloud book, “Fish In A Tree”.



The Quote

“I think back to second grade wrote a whole lot letters down and asked me what they said. I had no idea. But I was used to that. “That spells your name Ally. Ally Nickerson.”. Who knew a second grader could understand what being humiliated feels like.”

Why I Chose This Quote

I chose this quote because it made me understand what she was going thought which helps me understand the rest of the book. I also chose this quote because it made me connect to Ally more.

How This Quote Relates To Me

I found that this quote and Ally don’t really relate to me lots.

 How This Quote Applies To Ally

This applies to Ally because when she sees letters she only sees half of them so she can’t really read and she is embarrassed by that and she wont tell anyone.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed, Bye!

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