Student Blogging Challenge- Week 3- Favourite Time With Family

Hello readers,

Today I will be writing a blog about my Favourite Time With My Family because I am participating in the “Student Blogging Challenge”. Instead of doing my close family like mom and dad, I am going to do it on my grandparents.



Who Am I

Hello, my name is Ashley and I am an eleven year old in Miss Ariss’ Class(@Arissclass) in Alberta, Canada.

My Choice

One of the best times I’ve had with my grandparents was when I was little and I used to bake cookies with my grandma.

Why I Chose This

I chose this because this was one of my favourite memories from my grandparents old house. It was always really special to me because I got to spend time with them and the we got to eat them after and they were absolutely delicious.

What Happened

My grandma would tear open the package and then we would rip the fleshy, clingy dough off of the other vibrant portions of it. Then we would disseminate them out on the pan and my grandma would shove it into the stove and we would wait for what felt like ages but, was actually about 15-20 minutes. Once they were done we would just take as many as we wanted and devour them and, sometimes my grandpa would come in and make some jokes and assist us.



  1. What is a good memory of your grandparents?
  2. Did you ever bake with your grandparents? If so, what? If not, what did you do?
  3. Have you ever baked anything for a big event? If so, what? If not, have you baked anything for a small group of people or yourself?



Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed, Bye!

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