Fabulous February!

IMG_6415 (1)Hello!

In Language Arts we are beginning a new program that focuses on the 6 write traits: Ideas, Organization, Word Choice, Voice, Conventions and Sentence Fluency. We have started with “Ideas” this week and I am thrilled with how well these grade ones rocked it! Please check out our instagram if you would like to see some examples.

This month in Math we have been working on finishing up learning about all the different math strategies that we can use to solve addition and subtraction questions (using a number line, doubles, counting back, etc.). We are now going to begin working towards Math Daily 3: Math by Myself, Math with Someone and Math with Teacher. This structure allows for a wider differentiation for math levels, providing support or challenges where students need it most.

In Science we have finished learning all about the 5 senses and students will be creating a project about 1 or more of the senses to show their learning. Students gave ideas for how they would like to show their learning (creating a poster, presentation or book via paper or iPad) and decided whether or not to work on it on their own or with someone. Stay tuned for those!

Microsociety! Students have now experienced the job fair AND their interviews! Students will soon receive their offers of employment and production days start TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, with our first market day soon to follow! So exciting! Thank you to all parents for your continued support and enthusiasm for this incredible embedded program!

Our school would like to sponsor Ava Gerhardt who will be participating in the Hair Massacre in support of her Mom Desiree Gerhardt in her battle with cancer. On Friday, February 19, 2016 we are asking staff, students, and community members to donate $1.00 for this worthy cause. Please send a loonie with your child to school on this date in support of Mrs. Gerhardt.

We post in our Instagram throughout the week in an effort to have transparency in what your child is learning and doing in school! Follow us if you would like to follow along @gradeonewonders

And if you haven’t joined our classroom for reminders on things going on at PVS and in our classroom, please download the app Remind101 and search for our classroom @gradeonew


Happy New Year!

Hello and apologies for the December blog hiatus! These grade ones have been working HARD and it is showing in all areas of their learning!

I just wanted to share with you what’s going on in all subject areas so that you are in the know…

Literacy (Reading and Writing)


Students using some of our alternative learning spaces to read to someone during Daily 5!

Every morning students participate in 3 rounds of Daily 5 (the literacy program we use to structure our mornings) and are allowed to choose from the following 5 choices: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work and Writing. I have found that it is easier with younger students, as they need so much support, to do writing as a class in the first round every morning as writing every day helps up to become better writers. Students have free choice for the other two rounds. These three rounds are broken up by two mini-lessons in which we learn/review reading strategies, practice sight words or letter chunks (or, ay, ee, oo, ch, etc.), read them a book or sometimes just have a brain break (body movement break to get some wiggles out). As students participate in their rounds of choice, Mrs. S and I pull students to read one-on-one at their level or instructional level (one level above where they can read independently), reviewing strategies and supporting them as they learn to use these strategies independently.


In math we are learning all about addition and subtraction strategies such as +0 and -0, counting on and counting back using a number line, drawing pictures, and friendly tens (all the different combinations that make ten). In January we are going to review and strengthen these strategies and move into doubles and doubles +1 as well as solving simple math problems in their brain with no outside support (if they can) in February! We have now started Measurement Mondays as well where students will learn and participate in a variety of measurement activities to help them understand differences and similarities between things like length, weight and volume.


Aubrey's awesome resume for the Job Fair at the end of January!

An example of one of their amazing resumes for the Job Fair at the end of January!

In Microsociety these kids are doing incredible. At the end of the month we will all be participating in a Job Fair as February will be bringing Micro Village’s first open market day where businesses will be open and students will be working and partaking in what Micro Village has to offer. In order to ready themselves for hire they have written their own resume and cover letter and have gone through a second round of Micro University courses to learn about the process involved in getting a job (writing their resume/cover letter, interview, digital portfolio, etc.).


In Science we have been learning and participating in a wide variety of activities having to do with our five senses. So far we have covered sight and hearing and are currently on smell. As we learn about each sense I think it is important to spend a class discussing what it is like to not have the sense, which has lead to some great conversations and understanding from these young kids. This includes an awesome class where we had a very special guest from our own school who has cochlear implants, come in and teach us some christmas sign language. Stay tuned to our instagram account as we have some videos from that day.

Aaaaand I think you are updated! I will post at least once a month, but if I am ever unable to, or I forget to post about school activities or events, you can always visit PVS’s blog for any and all information on the school as a whole. Or send me an email. Or a REMIND101 message. Or write a note in the agenda 🙂

Stay warm!

Miss Loates

p.s. Thank you for the Christmas cards and treats, they were very much so appreciated!

Nothing like November

IMG_1918Well! We have been having a very exciting November here at Parkland Village School that started with the campaigning and voting for our Micro Village government positions. Grade 3 and 4 students put up posters, handed out flyers and eventually gave speeches in an effort to gain the vote of the student body for the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister positions. In the individual classrooms, students who were interested, ran for the Member of Parliament positions (one for each classroom) and I am SO proud of our four candidates who did so well with their campaigning and speeches. Congratulations to Miss Morgan who was voted in by her class on election day. In regards to MicroSociety, we now begin the next portion of their University courses where students will be building their resumes and learning how to conduct themselves in an interview as we move closer to businesses being opened and students needing to get a job. So fun and so exciting.

IMG_1920Students have been working very hard every week to learn new reading strategies and it has been such a JOY to see them using them in their own reading and thus improving as they do so. Students newest strategy is Flippy the Dolphin, who teaches us to flip the vowel sound (we practiced and went over the vowel sounds for two weeks now, and will review often) when a word doesn’t sound right. Chunky Monkey is also an extremely helpful strategy we have been learning. He teaches us to look for chunks in words that we know (“in” in “pink”, screamin e’s, “ee” in “tree”, etc.) to help us read bigger words. I will post pictures with explanations in the language arts section soon.

In Science we have finished our colours unit and will begin Senses this week! So excited for that. In Math we have begun to learn about addition and subtraction of numbers, starting with the basics of counting on (+1, +2) and counting back (-1, -2). We have used our bodies, number lines, manipulatives and pictures to try to solidify these concepts before moving on to others.

Just a reminder that our agendas are an important form of communication and are thus checked everyday. If you need to let us know about an absence or appointment, or you just have a question about something, feel free to use this medium to let us know about it. Thank you!

I hope you all had a wonderful Fall Break and I am looking forward to the week with the kiddies.

Having Fun in Grade One

IMG_1256This week students will continue working on some Halloween themed activities. We did “My Monster” writing last week and this week we are doing a “Trick or Treat, Guess Who is Under the Sheet” project; they are doing absolutely amazing when it comes to their reading and writing, of which doing their best is all we can ask from them. We are working on counting, number sense and a little graphing as well this week in math, and in art we are working on some beautiful painted pumpkins.

By request I have started up a REMIND 101 account for our classroom! Please visit https://www.remind.com/join/gradeonew?utm_medium=ios to join our class. For those of you who do not know what it is, it is a one way text message app in which I will send out reminders of school or classroom events and activities as an extra boost to keep you up to date and in the loop.

Students participated in “Rocks and Rings” on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed learning and getting to play the game of curling. Please visit our class instagram account to check out a little of what they learned and thank you to NAIT for organizing the program.

Students also had their first MicroUniversity class last Friday and will continue with those this week. Students will first be learning about all the types of government, as well as things like social skills, voting and running in campaigns, as our Microsociety first begins with setting up a government and electing the appropriate officials.

Monday continues to be our library day and I can’t thank you enough for helping your child to remember their books. Hopefully the REMIND 101 app will help too, so please sign up!

Have a wonderful week!

Awesome October


I cannot BELIEVE we are already into October! The days are absolutely flying.

I just want to thank you all for your support with the home reading program. A majority of our students have been returning their home reading every day, signed and read, and it is so awesome to know that they are practicing their reading at home with you, as well as here with us.

Parent Teacher Conferences!  Please sign up for parent-teacher conferences Tuesday, October 13 or Thursday, October 15 from 3:30-6:30pm. You can book online by clicking HERE! We sent a letter home, Monday September 28th regarding how to book an appointment. If you are unable to access this web-site, please stop by the office for assistance.

Please sign and return the permission slip sent home on Wednesday for Roots of Empathy! A program aimed at building empathy in children by meeting and following the life of a baby.

These Grade One Wonders have been doing amazing things here in class! We have been adamantly been working on writing and reading using our beginning and ending sounds. We have two reading strategies we have been using (eagle eye and lips the fish) to help us read a book three ways (read the pictures, read the words or retell the story) during our read to self and read to someone. They have been rocking patterns, understanding how to copy, extend and create their own. Science we continue with our color unit, shifting our focus from mixing color to now separating it and discovering what adding hues does as well.

I see that some of you have followed our instagram and twitter accounts (links in post below) and I love that! We discussed this week about how using social media to share our learning helps us to stay connected to the world outside of the classroom, and that includes you guys!

Thank you for helping your child do their best to remember their library books for Monday afternoons. Monday is a little tough as it’s right after the weekend and it’s a little harder to remind you, but I appreciate your efforts!

Our class has been working towards a pajama day by earning transition points (moving from one place/activity to another, quickly and quietly) and THEY HAVE EARNED IT FOR THIS FRIDAY! October 9!

REMINDER! NO SCHOOL on MONDAY, OCTOBER 12! Have a beautiful and wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with your families and I will see the kiddies Tuesday!

Fun in Grade One

What a week! We continued with color mixing and exploration in science, for Microsociety/Social we learned about our next habit in the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, and in math we continued learning about number with power of ten frames. And lastly we did AMAZING in our Daily 5 writing and read to self, to the point that we shared it on our social media websites of which we would LOVE if you followed us as yet another way to stay connected to what is happening in the classroom.




We are currently collecting money for the Terry Fox run and all loonies and toonies are welcome! The last day to donate is the day of the run on Wednesday, September 30 at 2:30pm. Let’s go PVS!

If your child is interested in Running Club please fill out the baby blue form that came home with students on Thursday and return it to the school!

On Friday an orange sheet came home in regards to hot lunch and milk orders. We are required to reboot the online ordering system every year due to changing student population, therefore EVERYONE must re-register (you can use the same login/password) as last year. You can order online if you would like by going to our hot lunch website and following the steps. The site will be open from September 18-September 25 and all other payments must also be in on September 25.

REMINDER!!! Our class has Library on Mondays at 2:30pm so please help them to remember to bring their books back tomorrow! Thank you!

Here’s looking forward to another good week!

Getting into the Swing of September

The first week of the year absolutely flew by! These wonders focused on same, different and sorting in Math with some number writing practice, learned all about read to self and writing sentences about friends in Language Arts and explored colour through a variety of stations in Science. In Social students began learning about the 7 Habits of Healthy Kids to help them to be super leaders in and outside of the classroom and art we made some fall art with warm and cool colors!

PVS will begin raising money for the Terry Fox Run this week! We are hoping to raise $1000 for the cause and will be collecting money starting Monday, September 14 all the way until the day of the run on Wednesday, September 30 at 2:30pm. Let’s go PVS!

Tuesday morning from 9-10am there will be a Volunteer Meeting for our home reading program at the school. Our program facilitator, Cherie Lovsund, is asking for one hour in the morning once a week to help put the bags together. If you are able to commit that time it would be much appreciated by all staff and students at the school.

We are hoping for another wonderful week at school with your cutie little kids!

Welcome Back

Happy September and Welcome Back to School!

We (Mrs. Teryl and Miss Loates) will be sending home a short message in the agenda every Monday to communicate any important events happening in the school that week. Both grade 1 classes will also be using blogs to communicate information as well. Miss Loates’ blog is this one and Mrs. Teryl’s is http://www.psdblogs.ca/tpidhaichuk!photo (1)

We would like to thank you for allowing your children to develop their independence as they start Grade One by letting them hang up, unpack and bring their things into the room each morning on their own. We appreciate the space that you are giving them as it is helping them to grow!

Lastly, this Thursday, September 10 from 6-7pm is Meet the Teacher Night! Everyone is welcome to come visit the school, take a tour of their classroom and chat with their student’s teacher.

Hope to see you soon!

A New Beginning

teacher-holding-apple-clipart-teacher-apple-clipart-apple-clipart-for-teachers-181Hello there! My name is Miss Loates and I am so thrilled to be joining the teaching team at Parkland Village School this year! I will be teaching in Grade One and am looking forward to learning and growing with this new group of students as we take the leap forward from Kindergarten into the big leagues of Grade One!