Innovation Week 8 Reflection #1

During Innovation Week we are going to make 3 reflections. Here is my first.  

  1. What are you most curious about learning when it comes to you project?

I am most curious about learning what different diseases there are and how to cure them.

  1. What did you learn about yourself and your learning as you worked on this project? What came easy to you and what did you struggle with?

I learned that I am good at putting information into jot notes and it turning into my own words. The things that came easy to me was putting information into jot notes and it turning into my own words. I struggled with finding some of the info.

  1. What advice would you give other students starting their first innovation week?

Be creative, have fun and learn something new.   


My House



Ma  maison a 4  etages. Au rez de chaussee il y a 2 pieces. la salon est a cote de la cusine. Dans la cusine est la four, l’evire et le frigo.  la four est en face de l’evire. Dans la salon est une sofa, une table et une television. une televion en face de la sofa.


Audeuxieme etage il y a 2 pieces. la chambre sur de la cusine. Dans la chambre  est le lit, la bibliotheque et la commode. Dans la salle de bain est la toilet et l’evire. la toilet en face de l’evier.


Au troisieme etage il y a 3 pieces. salle de jeux sous la salon. Dans salle salle de jeux est 3 une chaise, une table, un boite de jouet et une masion de poupee. Dans une salle de lavage est une machine a laver et une machine de sechage. une machine a laver a cote de une machine de sechage mf. Dans la salle de bain est la toilet et l’evire. la toilet en face de l’evier.



See, Think, Wonder

This week in French we did a See, Think, Wonder for Paris using

Then we generalizations with our class. These are the generalizations.


1: Souvet, people live in apartments in the downtown core.

2: De temps  en temps on the outskirts of Paris live in single family houses.

3. Souvet, people shop at multiple stores for their daily needs.

4. Souvet, people people walk.

5. Toujours people are in close proximity to each other.


Fixed Mindset V.S Growth Mindset

This week ion L.A we learned about Fixed Mindsets and Growth Mindsets.

A Fixed Mindset is where you think that to be good at something you have to be born with a natural talent. When you try something new and you fail, you give up and never try again. It also means that you give up if you don’t get the results you wanted. A Growth Mindset means that you have perseverance and don’t stop at failure. You believe that things will improve through practice and mistakes. You work hard at it and try, try again.


In L.A. I had a Fixed Mindset because I wasn’t good at it and I thought that I should give up at it. Then I realized that I wouldn’t get it if I did not try. In Math I have a Growth Mindset because I never stop trying and never give up. I keep practicing.

One of the areas I want to start having a Growth Mindset is in Art because it is not my favourite subject. I am going to do this by trying my best and never giving up.

Elise Kwon Reflection

Today at school we had a guest speaker, her name was Elise Kwon. She was in hospital for 10 months because of a heart failure. Elise  has had many surgery’s on her head, heart and other minor surgery’s. These are some of the thoughts I had after the presentation.

1) Some things that stood out to me are to not take things for granted and to look at people who are sick in a different way.

2) Things I won’t take for granted are walking, snowboarding, dirt biking, my family, my physical health, taekwondo, school, and going outside.
3) I will apply what I have learned to my own life by showing my family how much I love them.   

T.W.A.S February 26




In science we tried to dissolve a life saver. First, we just put it in water by itself, it took 35 minutes. My partner and I coated our life saver in borax. It took 25 minutes to dissolve. I also had an idea to wanted to crush it but we did not get a chance.


  In math this week we worked on estimation. We had a test on Tuesday. We also worked on bar graphs. In our Jump Math we had to do 2 pages of graph questions. In class we also did a bit of venn diagrams.

T.W.A.S February 12





In social this week we talked about Aboriginal culture. We had to decide the differences between 5 different tribes. The tribes were Inuit, Mi’kmaq, Metis, Algonquin and Cree. I studied the Inuit with a group of 5 people, we wrote information on a chart. Then, Mr. English placed us in groups of 6, each student had studied a different tribes then we shared our information with them.   



This week on Thursday in P.E. we went on a ski\snowboard trip. At 9:00 we left the school for Rabbit Hill. Then, we had a lesson for a hour and 20 minutes. After that, I snowboarded with my  dad, the school left at 2:00 but my dad and I stayed until 3:00. I went on the T-bar for the first time and I accidentally sat on the it and I my board hit my bottom lip. Snowboarding was really fun and I would really like to do it again!!      






This week in math, we learned long division. The strategy we learned was D for dad/divide, M for mom/multiply, S for sister/subtract, B for brother/bring down and R for rover/repeat. We had to do a bunch of questions in our Jump Math book. We learned 1 digit divided by 2 digit and 1 digit divided by 3 digit.


In science we were separating a solid-solid mixture using different methods. The methods we used were sieves, magnets and water. When we used the sieves we had to choose from 5 different materials and mix three of the materials into a cup. Then, we put the mixture in a sieve and separated it. When, we used the magnet, it was in a plastic bag and we dipped it into a mixture of sand and iron filings.

After, we pulled out the bag and put it over a bowl. Then, we took the magnet out of the bag and the iron filings fell into the bowl. To separate peatmoss and marbles we put them in a container with water. The peat moss floated and the marbles sunk to the bottom.