This week in math, we learned long division. The strategy we learned was D for dad/divide, M for mom/multiply, S for sister/subtract, B for brother/bring down and R for rover/repeat. We had to do a bunch of questions in our Jump Math book. We learned 1 digit divided by 2 digit and 1 digit divided by 3 digit.


In science we were separating a solid-solid mixture using different methods. The methods we used were sieves, magnets and water. When we used the sieves we had to choose from 5 different materials and mix three of the materials into a cup. Then, we put the mixture in a sieve and separated it. When, we used the magnet, it was in a plastic bag and we dipped it into a mixture of sand and iron filings.

After, we pulled out the bag and put it over a bowl. Then, we took the magnet out of the bag and the iron filings fell into the bowl. To separate peatmoss and marbles we put them in a container with water. The peat moss floated and the marbles sunk to the bottom.

Syrian Refugees

Yesterday, in class we watched four videos on Syrian refugees.Then, everyone had to fill in a chart on what we were seeing, feeling and thinking. We had to pick the video that made the biggest impression on us. I choose the “One Second Per Day” video.

1.The video that made the biggest impression on me personally was “One Second a Day”. This video made the biggest impression because it showed me what is really is happening in Syria right now. We need to help them settle in Canada and give them warm clothes for the winter. Canadians also need to help them find jobs, housing, health care, schools for the children, and language lessons for the adults.

2.My opinion changed because the refugees need a safe place to live in away from the war. They have been going through tough times in their country and need help. 1.5 billion children were forced to flee their homes and need to help them.

3. Some of the questions I still have are:
-How did the civil war start?
-Who is fighting it and why?
-When did it start?
-How many people were forced to flee their homes?