T.W.A.S February 26




In science we tried to dissolve a life saver. First, we just put it in water by itself, it took 35 minutes. My partner and I coated our life saver in borax. It took 25 minutes to dissolve. I also had an idea to wanted to crush it but we did not get a chance.


  In math this week we worked on estimation. We had a test on Tuesday. We also worked on bar graphs. In our Jump Math we had to do 2 pages of graph questions. In class we also did a bit of venn diagrams.

T.W.A.S February 12





In social this week we talked about Aboriginal culture. We had to decide the differences between 5 different tribes. The tribes were Inuit, Mi’kmaq, Metis, Algonquin and Cree. I studied the Inuit with a group of 5 people, we wrote information on a chart. Then, Mr. English placed us in groups of 6, each student had studied a different tribes then we shared our information with them.   



This week on Thursday in P.E. we went on a ski\snowboard trip. At 9:00 we left the school for Rabbit Hill. Then, we had a lesson for a hour and 20 minutes. After that, I snowboarded with my  dad, the school left at 2:00 but my dad and I stayed until 3:00. I went on the T-bar for the first time and I accidentally sat on the it and I my board hit my bottom lip. Snowboarding was really fun and I would really like to do it again!!