Grade 9 River watch Field Trip

Last week we had the opportunity to go on a River tour on the North Saskatchewan where the students analyzed the overall health of the river. The students completed several different labs and tests to determine how well the city of Edmonton does when it comes to refining wastewater that is eventually returned to the river. Despite a chilly morning the students paddled hard all day and enjoyed the views as well as the learning that took place.

-Mr. Solomon

First 2 Weeks in 9S

I almost can’t believe we have flown through the first two weeks of grade 9 already. We have managed to cram a lot into the first 9 days of school. Aside from introductions and getting to know each other better we have gotten a great start on our Social and Language Arts units.

In Social Studies we have begun learning about Governance in Canada and are starting to understand how our government works to create and pass bills into laws, what the different levels and branches of government do and how all of this affects our quality of life as Canadians.

In Language Arts we have just completed our first unit on Narrative writing. Students then begun learning about character archetypes and we are just now starting to use these archetypes to analyze characters. We will be using these archetypes to analyze characters in the different myths we will be reading in the upcoming mythology unit. We will use these learnings to begin structuring our writing and to generate a solid thesis from which we can draft a well constructed five paragraph essay.

Outside the classroom we have successfully begun our volleyball unit in P.E. and on Friday we had the opportunity to climb to the summit of the Sulfur Skyline hike in Jasper as well as spend a bit of time in the Miette Hot Springs. All in all the first two weeks in 9S were amazing and I’m very excited to keep that rolling next week and beyond.

-Mr. Solomon

Welcome Back Gr. 9’s

It won’t be long until we are all ready to go for the new year in grade 9 at Muir Lake. I am super excited to meet all of the new students and look for ways we can challenge each other to learn something new everyday.

Mrs. Arnold and I will be using blogs to share our learning, class information, class resources, announcements and much more so be sure to familiarize yourself with how to access the blog easily.

We will also be using the “remind app”. This is an app that will text you important information as it becomes available.  Please sign up for the remind app by clicking the following link: 

See you all next week!

Mr. Solomon