Light and Shadows Workshop

Our students participated in a workshop to introduce the basic of what they are learning about in science with Ms. Maser.

Specific topics covered were colour, shadows, reflection, and refraction with lens. They are writing about the activities this afternoon and we will work to get some of their thoughts posted here. 

A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Saker from our class and Mrs. Simcoe and Mrs.  Pytel for coming in to guide student activities. 

I hope you are able to hear about what your child discovered today. 

Thank You for Subscribing to our Blog!

Thank you to those of you who took the time to subscribe to our class blog.  You will find that I will be posting about what’s going on in our class on a regular basis.  Still waiting for most of you to sign up for Remind, a quick and easy way for us to stay in touch!

So far this week, we have done quizzes for basic facts, reading, and spelling.  These results will help me determine individual placements for students so that they are working at their instructional level-not too easy and not too hard but just right with support from me.  I will be able to share this information with you when we meet in October.

I hope to see all of you at our Mustang Kick Off next Tuesday, September 13.  Let’s hope it warms up for the picnic!

Questions, comments, concerns? Send me an email at or on Remind or by calling the school at 780-963-3535.

Welcome to a New School Year

I am SOOOO excited to be heading back to the classroom for what I know will be a wonderful year in grade 4.

Below is a copy of the newsletter that I sent home today, Friday, September 2.  Usually information will be posted on the blog instead of on paper.  If you need a paper copy because of no Internet access, please let me know.

Welcome to grade four.  Your children just left what was a busy day of getting organized. I am looking forward to an exciting year with our 22 students that will be filled with new experiences and responsibilities and plenty of learning.  Tomorrow and Friday, we will continue to get to know each other and work on team building activities.  Next Tuesday, we will be jumping into our academics as our journey really begins.

I most certainly recognize and appreciate that grade 4 is a big change for our 8, 9 and 10 year olds as they move to upper elementary.  My personal goal is to walk them through their year with kindness, empathy, encouragement in a caring and supportive environment.  “Our Kids” are settling in to the routines fantastically and many are already independent in getting themselves ready to start and end the day.  Cooperation and

One of the first things you will likely hear about is that our students will have the opportunity to work with a few different teachers as I only teach 0.71 of the school week.  
To provide as much consistency as possible to ‘our kids’, each teacher is responsible for a specific topic or subject area.

**We are lucky enough to have a scheduled gym time every day of the week! Mr. Laevens and Ms. Maser will work with all grade 4s on most days while Ms. Maser and I have planned an exciting block of different activities for Thursdays.  These will include yoga, dance, nature enjoyment, and good old fashion strength and endurance activities.  Please note that P.E. is the only time that both classes are grouped together and it is the same for all grades.

**Mrs. Gottenbos will continue to teach Music to our class.

**Miss Remillard, one of our new teachers, will be teaching the grade 4 Health program on Thursdays.  On Monday, she will be introducing students to “Words their Way”, our spelling program for the year.

**Mrs. Brownlee will be continuing the “Words their Way” work with word study and writing activities that are part of the spelling program. On Fridays, I will be giving them their spelling test.  More information about this spelling program will be coming home when we start it in a few weeks. Please trust that the three of us are working together to coordinate the lessons and the students will know what to expect with each of us.

**Ms. Maser will get to work with the class, teaching two of her passions-French as a Second Language and Science.

I will be providing ALL instruction in my passion areas of Language Arts, Math and Social Studies to my homeroom students and Math and Social Studies to Ms. Maser’s class.


You will notice that your child may have brought a box of Kleenex or a package of paper home as I try to be thrifty and have materials left from previous years.  If you have not sent in materials, please do so at your earliest convenience.  If students are without, I do my best to supply them with what they need so that most children don’t need to bring more in during the year.  If your child struggles with organization, a large Ziploc bag might be useful to store pencil crayons and markers in.


A few students have brought their devices in and I will get them set up in our locked storage cart by the end of next week.  If you are still pondering the purchase of a device, please contact me with questions as I have had three years of experience in a Bring Your Own Device classroom and can make some recommendations that may save you money and will certainly reduce headaches and frustration.

The plan for students that do not have a machine will be to share school Chromebooks; we are hoping to have up to five in our room.

One big decision that has to be made if you get your child a computer will be whether to leave it at school in our locked cart in our locked classroom or to have your child bring it home each day.  To help you with making that decision, here are a few considerations-

-Students will not need their computers to do homework.  If a child forgets the computer at home, they may have to modify their activities for the day which could put them behind.

-There is the concern of accidental breakage travelling in a case to and from home on a bus.  Your child would also have to keep their bag with them during the before school recess to ensure it isn’t left in a precarious spot.

-Charging becomes an issue.  Is the cord left at school or home? If the Chromebook goes home on a regular basis, I won’t put the cord in the charge cart so the child will have to be responsible for it.  Computers will have to be brought to school fully charged, which has often been forgotten in previous years.

In the past many students have taken their Chromebooks home over vacations and most have left them at school the rest of the time.


We have a microwave in the classroom that students use independently.  I will give the class a quick lesson on safety with the microwave but otherwise they are using it without my supervision and need to be responsible.  If you plan on sending food, please ensure that your child knows how to operate a microwave including setting the time and handling warm/hot dishes.  We would appreciate donations of round coffee filters for the microwave because they work fantastically to cover dishes to avoid splatters


I value open, honest, two-way communication and respectfully ask that if you have a question, concern or comment that you contact me as soon as possible.  I am human and, like everyone, can make mistakes without even realizing it.  I appreciate knowing if there is something that I need to or can do to make your child’s year better or to help you, the parent, feel more comfortable about grade 4.  The quickest way to get in touch with me is through email at  Students do not have agendas this year so this is the easiest way for you to give me information.  I respond as soon as I am able.  I will also be encouraging the children to send you emails that relate to them such as “Please help me remember to bring my library book back” or “Please remind me to tell you about —(something that happened at school).  I would appreciate if you could send me an email so that I have your contact email without having to input it myself.  If you wish to speak in person, email to set up a time or feel more than welcome to come at the end of the day on those that I am here.  If you want to just pop in and say, “Hi” the best time is while we are eating lunch.

Other ways that I will pass out information include our class blog at  You can subscribe to this and receive an email telling you that something has been posted.  I will be using the “Remind” app to send reminders as well.  I will be posting sign up information for that on the class blog when I get it figured out!  Students may also be asked to write a note on scrap paper to put in their lunch kit.

Other stuff:

-I am sending a student information form home so you can let me know of situations that may affect your child at school.  If circumstances for your child change, please trust that I will keep the information confidential.

-Allergies or medical issues? Please email me immediately; we do not automatically receive this information from last year’s teacher or the office.

-Ask your child about Gratitude Journals and Bucket filling.  They are needing ideas to help them get started.

-Terry Fox Run-pledge forms are coming home today.

-Mustang Kick Off Welcome Back BBQ-Tuesday, September 13 from 5-7 pm.  Please join us for a $2 supper and to see our classroom and meet all of our staff.


We are finalizing our list of activities for the year that will include some in-school and out of school activities. PLAY Parkland will be an exciting addition to our fall list of activities.




RAZ Kids

Happy Summer Everyone!!!

Just wanted to let you know that RAZ Kids is still available for your child to use over the summer.  I will monitor and move up levels as required.

If you are looking for anything else for your child to work on, send me an email at and I will do my best to help you out.



Hello everyone,

I was able to stop in and see my students today and was overwhelmed by the hugs and news that they had to share.

Unfortunately, I had to share the news with them that I would not be back teaching in our class this June.  Treatments have necessitated that I take more time to recover than was originally expected.

It is great to know that ‘my kids’ are in good hands with the Team Grade 4 teachers and everyone will have a wonderful end to their grade 4 year. Please know I am there in spirit.

I will be going to the Fun Day next Friday so that I have the chance to talk with each student individually and hear about their summer plans.



Track Meet Tuesday, May 17

The Grade 4, 5, 6, will be held on May 17, 2016.   Rain out will be on May 18, 2016.   All grade 4, 5 and 6’s will be participating in the Muir Lake Track meet from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.(approximately).

Students should be dressed in appropriate track wear for the weather (easy moving clothing, hat, sunscreen, and a water bottle).  All students must wear running shoes (no sandals or bare feet).

In order to make the day a success, we depend upon the help of parent volunteers.  We require group leader, event organizers and track timers.  If you are able to volunteer please complete the form that your child will be bringing home and return it to school with your child by Friday, May 13, 2016.  

Volunteers will be contacted via agenda/email or phone call to confirm that they are needed. Please meet in the gym (8:15 a.m.)  to be debriefed  about your duties before the day begins.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.


We will be doing our test for the Spell-a-thon on Thursday, April 14th.  We are hoping that everyone is practicing their words and collecting donations.  This is a major fundraiser for School Council and will provide some valuable resources for Muir Lake School.