baby elephant by Matthew

the grandma did pull because he pulled and pulled, because he missed his mom and dad too. and he find mom and Dad and he did  pulled and pulled  and he is OK and he said nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. She has to go home to his mom. the baby elephant is happy .


Me and my baby were walking around then Patrick  fell in a hole that humans call a well. I panicked then humans called PARK 78099759 I have no idea what it meant but they were scaring me then I yelled GET AWAY FROM MY BABY then they were making noise scary enough to make me run I hope they won’t hurt Patrick. After 1 hour (in elephant years) I saw Patrick running at me I was so happy :-).


If  I fell into a well I would scream my head off! It would be terrifying for me, especially for a baby elephant. Ropes around you and humans yelling followed by a big truck. I would have an accident, even if I am not a Shizu :). Getting tugged by a truck is astonishing. Running to my mom after seeing he being chased by a truck would be horrible! Hugging my mom would make me feel awesome. I wouldn’t know what the humans were going to do to me at first. I regret fooling around by a well.

THE POOR ELEPHANT by ethan and cole

Hi my name is elephant. I was walking in a nice day in till i fell in a well. SPLASH!!! 2 park rangers and other person came. I was super scared that it starting to splash everywere. my mom said don’t worry i will save you no matter how hard i try. The baby elephant got tide up with \ropes then they was pulling me up. now they have tied me up and they are trying to pull me up. now i am up and i started to run to my mom and dad and they were running to me.

The First Snow

Just a few days before Halloween, the temperatures dropped and the snow fell.  

Read on to see what the Dudes and Dudettes thought about it.


It was a cold October morning when I woke up and saw the first snow.  I am sad Its cold.  

it was a cold october moring when i woke up and saw the first snow

things i like to do
.snow ball fights
.snow forts
.ice fishing
.snow bording


On an October morning I saw snow I thot of ice fishing, CHRISTMAS, HALLOWEEN, CHRISTMAS BREAK, video games, hot chocolate. These are  thing i want to do. I am excited for Halloween Christmas and fall and Christmas break.   I also like to ambush strangers on the sidewalk with snow balls.

Luke S.  

It was -0 out and IT WAS SNOWING Then I went to the kitchen and told my mom what I wanted to do this winter. I want to tie a rope to my snowmobile then tie it to my sled then get someone to pull me.  
It was a cold October morning when I woke up and saw the first snowflake ever of the year.
Catching snowflakes is so much fun I like when they melt in my mouth. I like when we make GIANT SNOW BALLS and hide behind it when we had a snowball fight. winter is so much FUN.


It was a cold and windy October morning when I woke up and the first thing I saw was little white snowflakes dancing on my bedroom window . I looked at the time 5:30 my parents are still asleep so I went back to bed .
I woke up at 6:30 I said my dad is probably awake so went to the living room and there he was . I ask is that snow ? My dad looked at me and noden . I sat on the couch and looked outside and said can I go outside and play ? My dad said yes so I ran to the closet and got on snow pants ,mitts and coat . As soon as I got outside I went sledding down our hill and made snow angels and made a snowman . Then I went inside to have some hot chocolate .


It was a cold October morning when I woke up and saw a bunch of snow falling out my window.when I saw it i thought of going sledding down a big hill. And drinking hot chocolate. and having fireworks at the cabin. and snow angles. I also thought about skating . I also really like snowball fights and snowmen. I also like snow boarding. and sledding on the back of the quad.      

It was a cold October morning when I woke up and saw the first bits of snow on the ground. Thoughts raced through my head. I thought of sledding, skating ( though, I knew the water wasn’t frozen) and making snow angels. I got out of bed and had breakfast. Then went outside and played in the snow all morning.   


It was a cold Friday morning when I saw threw my window and saw the snow! It was beautiful. The snow it glimmered. I imagined skiing and snowboarding tubing all day at Mount. Washington.  Sledding on my red and yellow-orange there is awsome. Eating pancakes with maple syrup and hot dogs at the Alpine lodge. I love building snowmen then coming in to drink hot cocoa. I rushed downstairs to eat breakfast and I couldn’t wait to get home from school to build a snow family.

It was one cold October morning,but when I woke there was white all over the ground outside.At first I thought it was frost,but when I asked my mom how was the weather.She said it was all snow!I was so excited for snow because I get to do so many things.Like going down your stairs on a sled and go snowmobiling in the mountains with your dad.I’m so happy winter is here.But I’m sort of mad because it looks like it’s going to be a cold winter and a long one!!!!!


It was a cold October morning and I got up and looked outside staring at the first snowflake. wall it landed on the grass then I see more and more of them! Soon they are covering the hole yard then I relized that it just snowed out, and I raced to my moms room and toled her what had happend. Then I ask my dad if he could take us skating and he said yes.And I am so glad. 
Now Its time to go but my mom doesn’t want to go because she says that she’s not good at skating.


 it  was a cold morning  it was about mnis 6 looked outside and it was snowing. I thot of snowball fights and and sledding making snow fortes also snowmen and other stuff. And drinking hot chocolate. I like winter.  Snow angels making  i thought lots of things i like so much.

Luke M.

It was a cold October morning when I looked outside and saw the first few snowflakes to show Winter is right around the corner. When I saw it I instantly thought about…
Me making snow forts, snowmen, and GIANT snowballs. Me doing snowball fights, sledding, skiing, tubing down hills and soaking in hot tubs. I didn’t forget about myself drinking hot chocolate as well.


It was a cold october morning and snow scattered all over the yard but i got to say i like snow and i hate it. I like that we can go all over the yard that is covered with pounds and pounds and pounds and pounds and pounds and pounds of snow. But i don’t like how it is cold if only we had warm snow that would be awesome awesome awesome! But i like how we stay warm inside i was happy that my indoor soccer season has started.


It was the coldest morning I could have remember. It was snowing so hard that I thought hail was pounding on my window. I was even cold in my bed my mom probably heard me complaining so she came to my room and asked me what was wrong.I didn’t answer because I knew she was already mad at me for getting up late. So when I got up I ran to the couch and watched TV I turned on my favorite show and there were 15 minutes left and on the commercial I got ready and after that I got on the bus. On the bus I had a lot going in and out of my head like: Is Halloween going to be freezing cold and is Christmas coming soon but the biggest thing I had in my head was going sledding. When I got home I went sledding.  

one cold  October morning  when I woke up and saw the first snow fall.  I sat down and said hot chocolate and slapped my tonge back and forth. and then my cat  muser  came into my room and started crying for me so I went to muser and said come here you and put him to sleep.  I called for my mom and got my winter clothes on and went outside and made a snowman.  And my friend came to help me. It was fun.It the end of the day.  I had some hot choclate.


It was a cold  October morning when I woke up and saw…  the first snow.  I said,  “No.  Now  I have to check  the water  like every day.” because I’m in charge of the horses’ water.   When I first went outside I was  like so… cold.  Winter is not my favorite season.  summer is.  Now I can’t ride my horse. But I still do ride horses at riding lessons. I ride with my mom .   She is a  great mom and is a great rider.  I like her as a mom.  This winter I‘m going to make a big snowman and a fort.  I am going to have snow fights with my brothers and sister .  I will help my mom make a skating rink.It will be lot’s of fun.It most be cold for my dogs. Poor puppies my dog had on Halloween.they can’t go out in winter.  There is 1 girl and 3 boys. ”I can’t wait until winter is over”.  ”But I can wait for summer.  Now I have to feed my pet billy pig and give  her water.” I wish it was  very warm.But it getting colder.  I don’t like winter.  I like summer because I can canter on my horse. I hope winter will be over soon.  But I do like Christmas.


It was a cold October morning when I woke up and saw the first snow I was so excited  to go play in the snow! It was so entrancing.These some of the thoughts that raced through my head where sledding,snowball fights & skiing.  It was a school day so I had to wait till 2:45. I waited until 2:45 and went outside with my dad and brother and we played in the snow,my dad hooked a sled up to his big red quad and drove all around our yard really fast it was really fun. Then we did a few other fun things like sledding down our hill well first we had to make the hill then we sledded down it was fun and we had a snowball fight. Me and my brother vs my dad, my team won! It was really fun on the first snowfall!


It was a -5 degree morning when I got up and saw the first gleaming, sparkling snow fall of the year. I walked to the freezing kitchen and let my cat outside. As soon as I opened the door  my cat ran out and then  straight back in, there were little wet footprints all over the floor!! I walked back to my bed and dreamed about rinett and snowmobiling with my mom, followed by tobogganing with my dad. Also soaking in the hot, hot hot tub and stand up then sit down and it will be so so hot. Finally, drink steaming hot chocolate with frozen stale cheekes, YUM!!!!!! The next wintery day, I will tie a rope to the end of a snowmobile and at the end of the rope will be a GT cruiser.

!!!!!!! I LOVE WINTER !!!!!!!


Light and Shadows Field Trip

We had an in-school field trip to learn more about the properties of light, shadows and color.  Read below to see what we learned  at each of the stations.

In school field trip by Bryn

SHADOWS: We looked through materials to see if they were opaque, transparent, or translucent. And we also did a puppet show. The black paper was opaque, the wax paper was translucent and the plastic wrap was transparent. I learned what opaque, translucent and transparent means.

LENSES: We looked through concave and convex lenses and made are own magnifying glasses. The concave made things smaller and the convex made it bigger 

MIRROR: We pointed a laser at a mirror and made a periscope. If you point it at 80 degrees it comes out at 80 degrees.

COLOURS:We made a top and went around the school with prisims.It made a bonch of colours appear. I learnd that white is made of a lot of colours.


In School Field Trip by Emily
We took different things and decided if they are translucent, transparent or opaque. 
We got all of them right! She shun a overhead projector and we did The Three Little Bears Puppet Show with shadows! I learned that there are shadows everywhere!!!
There was a box full of lenses and we looked at them and told us there names I forget,
but sadly I forget them. We looked though them and noticed that some where like microscopes and some we like an backwards binoculars. We cut out a shape that looked like a magnifying glass and pat some plastic in the circle and decorated the Styrofoam. After, we put some water on the plastic and it became a magnifying glass! We looked at some objects with it and it was amazing!! We also put a straw in a glass and it looked broken!!!!! I learned that water can act like a magnifying glass! And I remember the names of the lenses now they are concave and convex.
We put two mirrors in a box and put a laser in it and there was a sheet in there saying 10 degrees north and so on and if you put it on 50 degrees it will show it an the other
side at 50 degrees too! We also made a periscope there with folding the paper and taping the glass to the openings. I learned that mirrors can reflect anything!!!
We first colored a little circle and hole punch in the middle and the colors that I used were R O Y G I B V. When I spun it it all turned purple. After, we all took thinc circular prism and walked around the school and I couldn’t escape from the rainbows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo so much fun!!!!!!! 🙂


In School Field Trip by Luke M.
The first stop we went to first we did a worksheet on transparent, translucent and opaque. Then we did a puppet show of Goldilocks and the Three Bears made by shadows. I learned that transparent is see through and doesn’t cast a shadow. Translucent is just see through but casts a shadow and opaque is not see through and also casts a shadow. Then we went to the next station and we looked through two kinds of magnifying glasses and we saw how things could look big and small from different kinds of magnifying glasses. Then we went to look at a cup with water in it and we put a straw in it which looked broken. Then we made our own magnifying glasses with Styrofoam trays and plastic sheets. then we decorated them with stickers. I learned about convex lenses and concave lenses. We next went to a station about colours. We went to walk around the school with plastic circles and every light looked like a rainbow. Next we made spinning tops. When we spun it it looked like a mix of colours. I learned that all of the colours of light together make white.Then the last station that we went to was mirrors. First we used a laser light bouncing of of mirrors. Then we made periscopes that are really cool and useful for spying on people. I learned that lights bounce of of mirrors and comes back where ever you point it.


at the field trip By Xander
we made magnefying glasses and made paresscope’s and spining tops it was so much fun at the feild trip and we made a spining top


Light and Shadows by Cole

at station 1 we made periscopes and we shined a laser at the mirrors and it reflected off and hit the other mirror we made the periscopes out of paper

At station 2 we did paper that was transparent and translucent and opaque after that we did a puppet show and the puppets where made of paper.

At station 3 we looked through the glass scopes and it was so cool then after we made a magnifying glass and mine is cool. 

At station 4 we went out in the hall and then we walked around the hole school looking at the cool colours and then when we got back we made spning tops me and Luke M where in a group we both picked blue. 

At the end of the filed trip i was sad to go home


At the feild trip by Owen

At stason 3 built a parascop it was a bit hared but pretty fun. I learned about transparen transloosent and one more but i forgot it woops. the feild trip was fun. at anther stain we did a pupet show.It was also fun yup. Also i went to a stain that we made a manafin glass. And one more we looket at objects with leens. It was cool. yup. I like sience it’s cool. Also we went in the hall with prisom and i looket at the lighets and they looket really cool yup. It was a hole a lot at of colers when i looket at the lightes yup. sinecens rocks. O ya. With a capatal o. yup. And that is the end.


In School Field Trip
by Garrett
At my first station I did colors. We made tops that have all the colors of the rainbow including white and black and we also walked through the hallway and looked at light sources . When we got to spin it I only saw one color it was the mixture of all the colors. At my second station we did mirrors we made periscopes it was hard work but we did it then I saw with with one eye and it worked just as good as my two eyes and we also looked how the light bounces off a mirror. At my third station we learned about transparent ,translucent ,and opaque we also did a puppet show of The Three Little Bears.At my fourth station we looked how lenses can affect your eyes and we made a magnifying glass and we put water on it so it is bigger when we looked at it with our bare eye .



Laptops Have Landed

What a way to end the week!  Our Google Chromebooks finally arrived and were placed in the hands if very patient grade 4s. 22 of our 26 students have personal laptops and I don’t know how many iPod Touches I’ve seen recording learning to show Mom and Dad at home.

We spent the first few days getting websites bookmarked and set up with consistent user names and passwords.  Our first Web2.0 tools to be using are Edmodo, ten marks math, Glogster, Mindomo, Arcademics, Wonderopolis, our class blog and Google Docs.

Mrs. Daub is away for about a month but she knows we will be pros with theses tools by the time she comes back.

Students, please leave comments about what you have learned when using these to develop your curiosity, collaboration and innovation skills.


The Case of the Evil Dr. Wasteful





On Thursday, we participated in activities to learn about ways to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

Bryn: I learned an eco station takes hazardous stuff.  I also learned that wood can go in to compost.  Also that out of 23 things only 2 things go to the landfill.

Cole: I learned To readuce reuse recycle. Youcan recycle pop cans bottels juice boxes.   I thought it was interesting that we can recycle pop cans and earn money. Pop cans can be made in to rebar.  I found out
that i can drive to a landfill to put garbage in it. But i would not put alott if garbage in the landfill.   I thought it was interesting that they didn’t recycle as much as they do now. I eaven asked them how muched they recycled. They said not as much as they do now.

Delaney: I learned that waste go’s to the landfill, stuff like cords and bateries go to the Eco Station, books and toys go to the Donicin.  I thought it was interesting that different items go to different places of the city.

Emily: I learned that there are all kinds of trash places everywhere and trash is always traviling. Some people  pick through garbage in some countries, too! Gross! I never knew than tin cans that beans and stuff come in went into the recycling.   I thought it was interesting that tin cans can turn into trakter blades and pop cans too. That is all I really found intresting at that station. I was pretty tired because that was our last station. I did notice that we were all talking about batteries becuase we were talking about what are in side them and I never knew  there was acid in them so I learded that even know that has nothing to do with reducing, reusing and recycling.  I found out that lots and lots of people are getting scamed from the packaging being to big for the item so people think there are more of that item but there really isn t. That happend to me thousands of times.   At station 4, we learned about what our grandparents and great grandparents might have done with some of their things instead of just throwing them out.  I thought it was interesting that  they  bearly through things out. It is crazy definitly   less  poulotining than 2012 days. There was probably  not a insy binsy problem with the trash room, unlike today.  The most interesting thing I found out was  People live on garbage in other countries. I was like shoked when I heard that.  I was surprised to learn that there is not much more room to put our garbage. 🙁

Ethan:  I learned to really but the right garbage in the right spot.   I thought it was interesting that you can combine newspaper to make cardboard.   I found out a big box dilites don’t have to many.  At station 4, we learned about what our grandparents and great grandparents might have done with some of their things instead of just throwing them out.  I thought it was interesting that they won’t throw out a brocken toy
The most interesting thing I found out was you can put a wool sock in your compost. What else that was interesting was that  in the olden days that thier paint not toxis so they can  put thier toys that in the compost
I was surprised to learn that A toy that made out wooden with no paint could go in the compost. I wonder what ills can you put in the compost because it would be pretty interesting.

Garrett:  I learned  that cd’s and other electronics get taken to a eco station. Food waste can go in a compost.  I thought it was interesting that stuff is used so much for different things.  I found out that even though one is bigger it isn’t filled to the top and does not have more. Smaller packaging has more stuff than a big bag.  I thought it was interesting that they kept wood toys and repaired them.  The most interesting thing I found out was that other bags can  have more stuff than bags the same size.  I was surprised to learn that in the old days they kept stuff that was broken.

Jenna:  I learned That different items can be taken to different places.  They will  be made into items that we can reuse .  I thought it was interesting that a slide can be made out of plastic milk jugs.

JJ: I learned theres factory’s in the world that recycle and reuse items. They are a better place then the dump or the landfill but waste over food is ok to take to the dump.  I thought it was interesting that we got to play with a little toy car to drive around a carpit to drop off all the garbage and the recycling.It is something about to tell you what to do next time.   I found out That a milk cartin is changed into shingles.And that medels can turn into soil.   I thought it was interesting that they would fix their socks and wear them over and over again.
the most interesting thing I found out was some companeys don’t put a lot of ink on prodocks. I was surprised to learn that some clothes are made out of burnd down plastic.And that the world will be distroud if something wasn’t done…

Luke M: I learned that most of our waste should go to be recycled and not a lot should be put to the landfill and that the Eco Station takes wires and the electronics then they take tiny pieces of gold from them.   I thought it was interesting that juice boxes and plastic can be turned into carpet. It was also quite interesting to find out that tires can be turned into fleece! It is very cool how people who make batteries can fit glass, copper, gold, silver, lead and plastic recycled all in there.  I found out that some companies have lots of packaging for tiny toys or small bits of food.

Owen: I learned about the eco station. it was cool. The eco station takes elecatroneces and other stuff. And batteries.   I thought it was interesting that they made old stuff into new stuff. A old can into a new can. A old toy into a new toy.I found out  There kinda riping you off.  I thought it was interesting that reipaerd allot of broken stuff. toys and other stuff

Robyn: I learned that we can compost  newspaper and that it helps the plants. I also learned that batteriers can go to the eco station.And broken glass can also go to the eco station.  I thought it was interesting that
that trees can tearn into pop cans.

Rosa: I learned that batteries, and cell phones go  to Eco station. Bottles go to the bottle Depot. Also I  learned that we can compost new paper.

Ryley: I learned that tin cans can be made into Blades on a tractor   

Xander: I learned  that there is gold in mechanical stuff .  I thought it was interesting that i did not now news paper can be turned into napkins.  I found out that there is so much recyclable


A HUGE thanks to all our parent volunteers for their enthusiastic participation which helped to provide a positive, informative learning experience.