STEM Challenges for Grade 4

Last Thursday and Friday afternoon, the grade 4 students participated in seven STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) challenges. They worked together in small groups to design ways of solving a question. This is an introduction to the science units titled “Simple Machines” and “Building Devices that Move.”¬† They will be working on writing a journal entry for each challenge where they will be writing what they did, what worked and what didn’t work and what they would change if they did it again. Their participation in the group and their journal will be part of their science assessment on the report card.



Spelling Paragraph

We have started a new spelling program called Spelling Paragraph. On Monday, the students help me write a paragraph on a topic we have been discussing in class. The students copy out the paragraph. Throughout the week, I will dictate portions of the paragraph to the students for them to write. On Friday, I dictate the entire paragraph to them. The benefits of this program are that they are learning the meaning and spelling of the words using context, students are learning the format of a paragraph, they are reviewing what has been taught in class and they are reading. Please talk to your child about their spelling paragraph.

January 15-19

Just a few items to make note of this week:

Hot lunch/milk forms for Jan. and Feb. will be sent home on Tuesday.

On Wed. the grade 4 students will be having a SS quiz. They are to study their notes that were sent home on Monday.

Friday, we will be going to Aerials and the swimming pool in the afternoon.

Micro resumes this week. The students will be meeting in their ventures and finishing up the last of the university courses on money management.

Happy New Year

Welcome back! I trust that everyone had an exciting and restful Christmas break. We are back to business in our room finishing up different units in all subject areas. Once we tie up a few loose ends, we will be eager to start new topics. Please refer to the classroom newsletter which will be sent home tomorrow.

Also, take a few minutes to read your child’s blog. They have started the new year with some great resolutions…check them out!!

Important Upcoming Events

Please help us win a pizza party. We are collecting items for the food bank. The class with the greatest collection wins a pizza party. The last day to bring items is December 15th.


This Friday is Play Parkland and we will be swimming.


This Saturday families are invited to watch movies with Santa and participate in a sledding competition. This starts at 1:00- 5:00.


December 21st is the Spirit assembly. That evening will be the Family Fun Night. It starts at 5:30- 7:30.

December 22 is the last day before break. We will be having a pancake brunch. It will be pajama day and we will be going to Play Parkland in the afternoon. We will be skating.