Important Upcoming Events

Please help us win a pizza party. We are collecting items for the food bank. The class with the greatest collection wins a pizza party. The last day to bring items is December 15th.


This Friday is Play Parkland and we will be swimming.


This Saturday families are invited to watch movies with Santa and participate in a sledding competition. This starts at 1:00- 5:00.


December 21st is the Spirit assembly. That evening will be the Family Fun Night. It starts at 5:30- 7:30.

December 22 is the last day before break. We will be having a pancake brunch. It will be pajama day and we will be going to Play Parkland in the afternoon. We will be skating.

Micro Village

The campaigning for Prime Minister, Deputy PM and class MP has begun. Students who are interested in running for any of these positions must have an Intent to Run form filled out and handed in. Voting for Class MP will be held on Thursday, Nov. 9th. Students who are running for either PM or Deputy PM will be giving speeches to the school on Wednesday, Nov. 15th. This is the day after Fall Break, so I am encouraging the students to have them prepare speeches with their parents over the break.

Grade 4 Science Quiz

The grade 4 students will be having a science quiz on November 16th. The following is a study sheet for the students to use to prepare for the quiz.

Grade 4 “Waste in our World”  study sheet

Quiz will be on Thursday, November 16th

Be able to name the 3 R’s and give two examples for each.

Explain what is needed for a compost- soil, decomposers (worms), items that decompose like food scraps, grass, leaves.

Give 2 ways a compost helps people- helps to reduce garbage and provides soil full of nutrients for planting

What is the difference between a sanitary dump and a landfill. In a dump all the garbage is put in a hole which is covered up. A sanitary landfill puts the garbage in a hole and is buried by types of soil such as clay, sand and gravel. The sanitary landfill also has a liner that protects against leakage. Also there is a pipe that drains the leachates into a tank which is later put through a water treatment system. Once the sanitary landfill is covered, the land is reclaimed and returned to a natural area such as parks and golf courses.

What are leachates?-  dirty runoff water

What does it mean if something is toxic? It is poisonous. Bad for people and the environment. Items that contain toxic ingrediants should be taken to a recycling place that deals properly with hazardous waste.


October 16-20

There is a lot going on this week so I thought I would blog a few reminders. Tuesday and Thursday are Student- Led conferences. It is not too late to book one online if you have not done so already. Friday afternoon is our first Play Parkland event of the year. We will be going swimming as well as play games on the indoor field. Hope this helps!

Orange T-Shirt Day- Tuesday, Oct. 3

Orange Shirt Day is a legacy of the St. Joseph Mission residential school commemoration event, held in the spring of 2013 in William’s Lake, B.C. It grew out of a former student’s account of having her orange shirt taken away on her first day of school at the Mission. The orange shirt is meant to recognize the harm done to residential school students and show a commitment to the principle that every child matters! Children were taken from their homes to residential schools and because it is an opportunity to set the stage for anti-racism and anti- bullying policies for the coming year. We will be wearing our orange shirts on Tuesday, Oct. 3 in support of this historic day!