Science Thermos Challenge

Students in LC 7 have been using their knowledge from our heat and temperature unit to create their own thermos. The task was to create a thermos that would contain 250 ml of water poured in after reaching a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. The students recorded their results until the water reached the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. It’s always amazing to watch students complete hands on experiments in science.






Thermal Energy Socratic Circle

Another great discussion during our science focused socratic circle today. Our guided question was “what type of thermal energy has the largest impact?” Very impressed with the amount of research and innovative learning that went on during the investigation and processing stages of this project.


Trickster Week

This week has been such an exciting one. Trickster theatre has taken over Greystone classes. Trickster is an organization that examines issues and situations that are relevant in our world and allows students to address these situations through the act of theatre. Greystone’s school wide theme is global citizenship. Each classroom then came up with a sub-theme. 7B decided that we would focus on racism. Each homeroom was given a prop to incorporate to their 2-3 minute production. 7B has been lucky enough to have a crash mat as our prop, which our trickster told us is the best prop to work with! It has been great watching the students come together as an unified unit to work on the play.
Each student has spent some time reflecting on the process so far on their personal blogs. Please feel free to read some of their posts. We hope that all parents and guardians are able to attend Friday night at 6pm. Until then here is a sneak peak into our performance.






Trickster Reflection Questions for your Blog

Trickster Reflection Questions

  1. How would you explain trickster and what we are doing at Greystone this week? (Feel free to google trickster to get more of an idea what they do when they come into schools)
  2. What is Greystone’s school wide theme? What is 7B’s theme? How do you feel about the theme we picked as a class?
  3. Each class has a different prop, what is 7B’s prop? What are some of the ways that we have used the prop in order to relate to our theme?
  4. Explain what we decided to use as a metaphor and how it relates to our theme.
  5. What have you thought about the process of working with trickster so far? What are some of the benefits that will come from completing this performance as a class?

Trickster Theatre

We are still looking for volunteers for Trickster Theatre during the week of April 13th – 17th, we would appreciate any amount of help. A pink letter regarding ticket purchasing has been sent home, make sure you invite your family and friends to come see you child in this learning showcase. We are looking forward to seeing you all there. If you would like to email me directing in regards to volunteering please feel free to do so. This will be an awesome event and we are looking for whole school involvement!


The Fraction Game

This week we came up with a way to learn math and have some fun along the way. We played a math fraction game where students were able to try solving a variety of adding and subtracting unlike fractions including multiple game pieces and a bit of incentive to win! It was awesome to see the engagement though out the game.


Grade 7s become the Experts

On Friday during our professional development day we had some special guest join us to present to the staff the same presentation they presented in front of the  Parkland School Divisional board this week.  It was all about the learning strategies and processes that took place  in our learning community during our structure and forces inquiry unit. The teachers of LC7 were very proud of these students who represented our learning community.

Kianna, Chris and Kaine were also featured in Parkland’s 184 days of learning blog. If you would like to read it , please click the link below.


Reading Temperature Lab

Students were able to partake in a science lab where they practiced properly reading temperature in a variety of different scenarios. It was so amazing to see these students during a hands on experience and how this motivated and fuelled their curiosity in science. I was very impressed with how efficient the students were with their time and the amount of responsibility they showed among their groups.