Need, Please.

We are in need of about 10-20 CLEAR 1L or 2L plastic bottles with the lids (preferably 1L).  If you can help out, please have them rinsed out and sent to school with your son or daughter.


Students should be collecting junk

We will be starting our Assemblage Art soon and the students have been asked to be looking for junk (things that would either be thrown out or recycled) that they could turn into art.  Please remind your son or daughter to be thinking about and finding items for their project.  The students have been instructed about what the art entails and I have attached a couple of pictures for examples.


Students need a pot for their plant

Just a reminder that grade 4M students need to bring a container that is about the size of a 4L ice cream pail so they can transplant their plant.  Ice cream pails, 4L milk jug with the top cut off or anything along those lines will work great.  Please do not purchase a pot as we would like to recycle.


Math nightly

We have started our unit on multiplication and will be going on to division.  It would be very helpful if students practiced their multiplication table nightly.  Having your child memorize their multiplication chart is a good idea.  They can go on and do practice.  This is a fun site as they can have competitions with you to see who can finish the fastest.  You can also make up questions for them to complete or download practice worksheets from the internet.

Thank you for your support with your child’s academic success.