K-5 Fun Day Information

June 3, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Wednesday, June 26th will be Muir Lake’s 2019 Fun Day! Our Fun Day celebrations will be from 11:55 am – 2:15 pm. The school will be providing a hotdog lunch. Please still pack your child a snack for the morning.

Students in kindergarten through grade 5 will move independently from station to station. Students in kindergarten through grade 2 will be encouraged to buddy up with a friend to go to stations. Tuesday/Thursday kindergarten students are welcome to come. Please be sure to let Mrs. Ledressay know if your child will be attending if they are not usually at school on Wednesdays. All stations will be outside, please come dressed and ready for any weather! Please send hats if it is sunny. We recommend applying sunscreen and bug spray before coming to school. If you send any, it must be lotion and not aerosol. Students will be rotating around stations that teachers and parents have prepared. Students will have punch cards to show they have gone to stations. When their cards are full, they can turn them in to get a prize. Prize options are a freezie, bag of popcorn or a temporary glitter tattoo, based on how many stations they get to in the afternoon they may get some or all of these prizes.   


To make this event a success and fun for all, we need your expertise! If you can volunteer, please complete our Google form (go to https://bit.ly/2HNJv5X) by

Friday, June 14th. Thank you in advance, without parent volunteers these fun school activities would not be possible!



Muir Lake K-5 Teachers!  


We have completed Data Analysis (Unit 7 in the text and student practice book) in Math.  Students have explored reading pictographs and bar graphs (lesson 1), Drawing pictographs (lesson 2), Drawing bar graphs (lesson 3), Comparing pictographs and bar graphs (lesson 4) and have done a unit review.  As well, at home students could be working through the student practice book to help with the Unit Exam which will be next Tuesday, May 28.  This was a very short unit and the students have worked very hard.

Unit 5 Exam well done and coming home.

We are now finished our unit on fractions and decimals!   The class did very well!  We have went over the test and it will be coming home for your viewing.  When you are finished looking it over with your child, please sign it and have your child return it so that I know you have seen how well they did. 🙂

We will be going on to Data Analysis, Measurement and Shapes.



Math homework due tomorrow

Students have a bit of homework due tomorrow.  Pages 98 and 99 in the textbook which is located on math google classroom.  This is accessible on any computer anywhere so if students are indicating that they can’t do their homework because they left it at school…. not so.


Math Exam Practice

I have shared a Unit 5 Exam practice sheet the students on math google classroom.  The students can start to work through this to help them prepare for the unit 5 exam next Tuesday.

Another form coming home today

Hello All

It is that time of year for field trip and hence forms 🙁

The Parkland Pond Days forms will be coming home today.  One is a photo release form that the county requires and the other is a parent information letter.  If you could send the photo release form back before May 16, that would be great.