Grade 4 – 6 Track and Field Day- May 16!

Hello everyone,

On Tuesday, May 16 we will be hosting the Muir Lake Elementary Track meet.  It will start around 8:30 and end at 12:30.  Please feel free to come out to watch and enjoy the competition.
We are trying something a little new.  We will be having an outdoor concession for the WHOLE school.  Parents have volunteered to do this and we would like the whole school to enjoy this treat. Junior high students will have access to the concession at lunch recess.
Concession items
hot dogs, chips, candy bags, drinks.
This is a great fundraiser and a nice treat for all.
For more detailed information on Track Day, follow this link

Night of the Arts

On Thursday, June 1st, Muir Lake School will be hosting its first annual Night of Arts, a celebration of student accomplishment in the arts as well as in the CTF courses offered at the school. The night will feature a literary and performance cafe from 5:30 to 6:45, and the staff will put their skills to the test in a cookie bake-off! Finally, our drama students will take to the stage at 7 PM and perform the one-act play Aesop’s (Oh So Slightly) Updated Fables. The play is family and young audience friendly and admission is free.


This night is also a chance for our grade 5 students to explore what they can take for options next year in grade 6. We hope that parents will accompany their child to the evening and see what the school has to offer in addition to enjoy the performances from our talented students! If you have any questions, or wish to help out, you can contact Jill Remillard at


We look forward to seeing you there!

Jillian Remillard

Jump Rope for Heart

Hi there!

We are currently raising money for the Heart and Stroke foundation through an event called Jump Rope for Heart.  We would like to acknowledge all the people who have donated money to your cause!  We are asking that students collect the names of the people from whom they have collected donations.  They will be writing these names on paper hearts and we will be posting them on our Jump Rope bulletin board. If possible, please send the names associated with each donation to your child’s teacher so that we may display them with gratitude!
Muir Lake Leadership

May 4th Amazing Agriculture Field-Trip

May 4 grade 4s will be going to the Rexall Place to be part of the “Amazing Agriculture”.  We will be leaving the school at 8:30 and returning by 2:30.  Students will need to bring a pocket snack (such as a granola bar) and a disposable lunch (bag lunch, no re-usable containers or lunches that need to be heated).  They will also need to wear comfy shoes as we will be going from station to station all day.  Students will be in contact with farm animals so if there is a concern, please let me know.  Students will also be making hummus with the following ingredients: chick peas, lemon juice, garlic, sesame seeds, canola and olive oil.  If there are any students with allergies to these products, please inform me asap.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.