The Mission has been released!

Good Evening All

Today in Science class I introduced the students to their next project (AKA Mission)  This learning covers our unit on Building Mechanical Devices that Move.  The students are super excited about the project and will be sharing all of the information with you so I don’t want to take away their thunder by giving you too much information. All documents are on google classroom.  Your son or daughter will walk you through the project (AKA Mission) but if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Math assessment coming home today

Grade 4s have been working very hard at learning how to multiply numbers up to 12 x 12 and 2 digit x 1 digit.  Today we had a little assessment to see how our learning is progressing.  The assessment will be coming home today for your review.  Although we covered it in class, please have your son or daughter make the necessary corrections and to continue practicing nightly.   When they have made their correction, please sign the sheet and send it back to  me.  We will continue to learn strategies for multiplication and will have another assessment next week.

Thank you for your continued support with your son’s or daughter’s academic success.

Math Homework

Grade 4s have a bit of math homework to finish for tomorrow.  It is a Valentine’s multiplication sheet which they have to work out the equations then color the area according to the answer they get.  It should not take long and the students had started it in class so where given instruction.



I have heard a lot of comments pertaining to some students indicating that they have no homework.  Not so.  It may not be created homework; however, they should be reviewing every night.  Students need to be reading, writing and doing math nightly.  We talk about this on a regular basis and how important it is for their success.  So, students are aware of what they should be doing  and how.

In Language Arts, we have been working on how to write a paragraph and students could be creating paragraphs at home.  We have also been learning about Autobiographical Incident writing and several students have not completed this so they need to complete this at home.  I have extended this project several times but it needs to come to a close.  They will have one more block on Friday to review their writing.  We have also been learning the strategies that great readers use and the students are starting to implement them.

For Math, we are working on multiplication, division and word problems.

In Science, we are finishing up simple machines and will have a multiple choice test on Friday.  There was work sent home for this as well.  We will be going on to building devices that move.  I have a project planned for the students which they will create environmentally friendly vehicles based on a challenge they will be provided.  The vehicles need to be made of recycled materials.

Our social is focused around Alberta’s history and people and we are studying First Nations at the moment.

Hope this bit of information helps and Thank You all for your continued support with your child’s academic success.


Valentine’s Day Tomorrow

Grade 4 Maser will be having a Valentine’s party tomorrow afternoon.  Our morning learning will focus around Valentine’s in that our subjects will focus around that theme but it will still be important learning.  In the afternoon, some students have chosen to bring treats – healthy as well.  Students will pass out their Valentine’s cards (lists were sent home.  If your child is handing out cards, please ensure there is a card for every student).  Then they will participate in learning games as well as some just for fun.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Valentine’s Day already!

I can’t believe that it is that time already!  But yes, Valentine’s Day is next week!

A class list will go home on Monday so that students can prepare their Valentine’s cards.  Grade 4 Maser will have a Valentine’s party in the afternoon of February 14.  Those students who would like to bring in treats are welcome to do so.

No Buses today, February 6

Hello All

Well we are getting quite the weather 🙁   So, the buses are not running again.

While at home, students can go on google classroom and re-write their paragraph.  Please have them keep the original and just do the re-write under it.  Students can also practise their multiplication.

Thanks and stay warm and safe