Math Exam Scheduled for April 4

Grade 4s have been working extremely hard on their multiplication and division and ready for an exam.

So, just a heads up that I have scheduled a math unit exam for April 4.

This exam will cover multiplication and division.  For your reference, it covers unit 3 and unit 8 in the textbook (found on google math classroom).

Over the break your child can work through units 3 and 8 in the student practice book that is shared with them on google math classroom.  There are also review questions at the end of each unit in the textbook which is also shared with students on google math classroom.  We have went over quite a bit of this so they may say they have already done it but doing it again would really help.


Tie Dying for the Stollery

Please see the message from Mrs. Arnold and the leadership team.

Could you send reminders home for any students who are interested in Tie Dying.  We are selling tickets next week at short recess, Monday-Wednesday, in front of the library.  Students can dye scrunchies, knee-high socks, or their own materials.  $5 for the scrunchies and socks, $3 if they are bringing something in (not bigger than a T shirt) .  We will be donating to the Stollery Children’s Hospital.